Sunbelt Granola Bars: B1G1 Free Coupon

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Head on over to the Sunbelt Granola Facebook page and you can get a B1G1 Free coupon!  These are on sale quite often for $2.00 a box, so this coupon could make them cost just $1.00 each!

Thanks The Thrifty Couple!


    • Tracie says

      Hy-Vee will not accept internet printables for anything free, so you won’t be able to use these this time, unfortunately. 🙁

  1. Michelle says

    Just a question. Am I the only one that worries about these pdf coupons being legit? I have seen too many fraudulant coupons that look just like these. Just curious. Michelle

  2. Michelle says

    Ok maybe I am just strange, but I was so worried about this coupon and the way they print 3 to a page I called Sunbelt customer care to verify that it wasn’t fraudulant. (Not that I doubt you at all Tracie) They verified that they don’t limit their coupons because they want people to buy their products and if this helps them do that than so be it.
    Thanks Michelle

  3. nicole says

    The hyvee I shop at doesn’t have a problem taking the IP BOGOs just won’t take one for a single free item.

  4. Amber says

    Wow…I thought the same about the pdf. Strange.

    Tracie, does Price Chopper take BOGO printables? I know they don’t take printable coupons for free items, but this is a bit different.

  5. Ashley B says

    I was a bit worried too when i clicked on the link. Thanks michelle for calling and verifying. My hubby is deployed, so he’ll be glad to be getting 6 boxes of these!

  6. Janel says

    I tried to use the coupon at Fred Meyer’s and they would not honor it saying they believe it’s fraudulent. The manager was called over and he told me using the coupon would be considered theft. I called the company and it is a valid coupon. Fred Meyer made me feel like a criminal and I will never shop there again.

    • Tracie says

      Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. If I were you, take a moment and email the corporate office. Be sure to provide the manager’s name, store info and describe what happened to you. You can even provide them the link to the page to show where you received the coupon. The only way that you can make a chage is to speak up — and you’ll be surprised at who is listening!