Swagbucks: A FREE Way to Earn Gift Cards!

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Each week, I share all about Swagbucks, but I realized that many of you may not even really know what this site is about.  I thought I’d just take a minute and explain it.  First off all, the easiest way to explain why you want to join this site is this — Free Gift Cards!  You earn Swagbucks for doing all sorts of things and you can then redeem those points for prizes – including gift cards.
So, how do you get points?  Well, when you sign up here, you will instantly be rewarded with 30 points in your account.  You can then do all sorts of things to help you quickly rack up the points.  Here are some ideas:

Use them in place of your other search engines. I actually search for my own site a few times a week and score some big points. The key is to search there frequently.

Browse Special Offers

Be sure to visit the no-obligation special offers every day. You will earn 1 – 3 points just for checking them out. Here’s how to do this:You can earn bonus Swag Bucks just by browsing the special offers section every day!

From the Top Menu, click on EARN
Select No Obligation Special Offers
As each screen comes up, select skip, no or next (as applicable)
After you have gone through anywhere from 4 – 8 offers, you’ll see you have received Swagbucks

Sign up and Complete Surveys

Taking surveys is a quick and easy way to accrue some points. They can pay anywhere from 5 – 100 points for eac one you take. Keep in mind that you may not qualify for a survey, so if you don’t, you won’t earn the points. But – if you do, you can get some fast points by answering a few questions. You can find the link right in the side bar from the home page.

Use the Swag Bucks Toolbar

Be sure to download the Swag Bucks toolbar and use it daily. I keep myself logged in and every morning when I click on my internet, I get some bucks!

You get emails, a link to the Facebook page, Twitter and even to th blog. I check these every day to see if there is a hidden code waiting for me.

Here is how to download the toolbar:

From the main page, click on Tools and then Toolbar.
Follow the prompt to download your toobar.
One thing that is really great about the tool bar is that you can see your points at the top of your screen.

Swag Codes

There are sometimes speical Swag Codes (which are bonus codes) that you can earn. When I share that there is a new code, sometimes, I get the question – “Where Do I Put This?”

To enter your code, you need to be on the home page and logged in. You will see a white box under your login information that reads: Enter Your Swag Code. I always copy and paste mine in. A worde of caution though — don’t get extra spaces when you paste your code, or it will not work.

If I find one of these, many times, I’ll pop onto Facebook to let everyone know to check it out.


Swagbucks sends out newsletters. Be sure to always look through these as there are bonus codes hidden within them. You can check to be sure that you are signed up to recieve the newsletter by going into the main page, and clicking Newsletter on the sidebar.

If you have signed up, but are not receiving the newsletters, be sure to check your Spam folder. Many times, it will drop in there.

Shop through Swag Bucks

When you shop through Swag bucks, you can earn points. So, if you love to do your shopping online, try to go through SHOP (home page, see the side bar) and see if the store where you want to shop is listed).

Follow Swag Bucks

It is a good idea to follow Swagbucks on both Twitter and Facebook. They sometimes release codes through these outlets.

Mega Swag Bucks Friday

Friday is a great day to use Swag Bucks. Rather then earning 10 points when you search, you could earn 100! It is always random, but your chances of earning more points are greater on Fridays.

Swag Bucks for Pictures and Videos

When you win prizes, upload a photo or video of yourself with your prize and you can earn some points! You will earn 10 Swag Bucks for each prize photo and 20 swag Bucks for each video. You are limited to 5 of each type. Email it to prizephoto@swagbucks.com.

Refer your friends

When you refer your friends to Swag Bucks, you can earn points! So, when they search and win – you win too! Once your referral attains 1000 points, you no longer earn anything from them, but the good part is there is NO LIMIT to the number of people you can can refer!!

To access your referral link, select Promote from the main screen and then on Invite Friends & Earn. Then, you can choose the way you wish to promote (Facebook, direct link, widget). To find your referral link, go to Swagbucks.com and click on promote and then select Invite Friends and Earn.

Finally, the REASON for Swagbucks — PRIZES!!!!! I love redeeming my points for Amazon Gift cards. They are my favorite. I can purchase them in varying amounts, which makes my gift card total build up rather quickly.

You are limited to purchasing 2 prizes daily, with a limit of 5 of any one prize monthly. So, if you love the $5.00 Amazon card, you will only be able to purchase $25 worth in any given month.

There are HUNDREDS of prizes. To find yours, you can select Swag Store from the home page and take a look around. Now, if you’d rather have the gift cards (note that most of them are egift cards, so you will NOT get anything in the mail). Here is how to find gift cards:

From the home page, click on Redeem and then The Swag Store
Then, select Gift & Rewards Cards
Scroll through the list to find the gift card of your choosing
Select Redeem and follow the prompts
You will have to verify your purchase through an email – so watchfor this

It can take a few weeks for the gift card to be posted to your account, but you will get an email advising you of this. They advise that they post cards on the 16th and 30th of each month. It can be delayed due to a holiday or weekend that might occur at the same time.

If you purchase Amazon cards, you can add them to your account and they will be sitting there waiting for you for the moment you are ready to use them. Here’s how to add them:

Go to Amazon.com
Select Your Account from the top right hand corner
Search for Gift Cards in the payment box
Then, selectApply a Gift Certificate/Card to Your Account
When the box that reads “Want to redeem a new gift card?” comes up, select this

Toggle back to Swagbucks and go into your account
Click My Gift cards
You will be prompted to key in your password again
Under My Available Gift Cards you will see your cards listed
In the grey box is a code – COPY this entire code

Toggle back to Amazon and paste the code (or type it) into the space provided

Now, you have that balance recorded in your account. You can add as many cards as you would like – no limit. Then, when you shop, your purchase is deducted from the gift card total and you pay only the difference (if any).

So, that’s how it works. I know it seems like a lot, but it is really easy and FUN to earn free stuff!


  1. Jodi Stevens says

    How much and how fast do you earn at Swagbucks?
    Will I earn there faster than at Gifthulk? I have already got from them more than $200 in a couple of month.

    • Tracie says

      It just depends on what you put into it as to what you can get out. I do pretty well over there, but that is me. I think that many times, it is a “try and see” since one site is better for one person than another.