Swagbuck’s Collectors Bills – Earn Bonus Swagbucks (Plus Hot Point Earning Coming on June 20th)

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Did you earn some great points during the Swagbucks Dads or Grads event?  I love getting those points and then getting my favorite item – Amazon gift cards!

If you are looking for more chances to get points, you are in luck!  Now through Sunday, June 17th, you can find up to FIVE Collector’s Bills when you complete your searches through Swagbucks.  If you happen to find all five of them, you’ll even score a 10 point bonus in your account.

Then, make sure you mark your calendar for Wednesday, June 20th, as you there will be another Swagcode Extravaganza.  That means chances for even more points — up to 60 in just one day! Wahoo!!!

Don’t forget that today is also Mega SwagBucks Friday!  It is a hot way to earn lots of extra point!!  There have been many times I’ve received, a bonus of 10, 2o or even 50 points just for doing a simple search!!  Plus, if you can refer your family or friends with your link, you can get points when they get points too!   Head on over to  Swagbucks and see if you can’t get some points today!

If you are wondering what in the world Swagbucks is all about, you can learn all about the FUN (and way to earn FREE GIFTCARDS) by reading up on Swagbucks 101.

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