Swagbucks: Take Surveys and Earn Points

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Swagbucks has just offered another great way to quickly rack up some points.  You can now take surveys and earn anywhere frmo 5 – 100 points (if you qualify).  Just stop on by Swagbucks and check out the side bar and click on Surveys.  You’ll have to answer a few questions in order to create your profile.  Once that is done, you will see a list of surveys that you can take.  Then, if you qualify for the entire survey, you will earn the points listed!  This can be a great way to stack up those points rather quickly!

If you need more information about the Swagbucks hype, you can read about it here at Swagbucks 101.


  1. Heartland Hannah says

    I’ve been on swagbucks for about a year and like a lot of the features but am totally disgusted with their surveys so far. I’ve had several now that have said I’ve qualified, get me about half way through (or 10 minutes plus) and then all the sudden tell me they have enough surveys completed and boot me out. To me, once you answer a bunch of questions and they tell you you have qualified it’s unethical to continue to collect information when they know the survey is full. Some have required downloads and watching tv shows and a lot of time and effort only at the very end to tell you sorry, no award because they have enough participants. Swagbucks official answer is well you have to spend time answering a few questions to see if you qualify. That’s not the problem I’m seeing- I do all that qualify, answer a whole bunch more stuff and THEN it says it’s full almost at the end. This has come up at least a dozen times for me now and I have received an actual award for only one survey – the swagbucks one, and other than that I have wasted over 2 hours total for nothing. The profiles you fill out do give you the bucks, but my recommendation is forget the surveys.