Tanga DVD Sale: Possible Refund Coming Your Way

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Sometimes, things happen which are out of our control.  Even when we put the best possible checks and balances into place, things can get by us.  That just happened recently with Tanga.  A day or so ago they had some great deals on fitness DVDs.  While they did do the research required before this deal went live, they learned after the fact that some of the DVDs were not what they were advised they would be.  Tanga is stepping up and taking care of this right away.

If you happened to order one of these, you will soon receive an email from them.  It will read something like this:

We are writing to you today because we just learned that the Fitness DVDs we have recently sold you may not be authentic.  For this reason, we have cancelled your order and a full refund back to your original payment method has been promptly processed. 

In offering this deal, the vendor we used to obtain this product misrepresented their authenticity. At the time, we were certainly under the impression that this product was genuine.  Clearly, we did not meet your, or our own, expectations for the excellent quality you deserve from us. Please be assured that we will take this opportunity to conduct a comprehensive review of our entire process in offering this deal, so this situation does not happen again. We have enclosed a code for a FREE magazine subscription in the hopes you will shop with us again and see that we are committed to doing better.

Here is your unique coupon code: <<CCODE>>
Redeem at: https://www.tanga.com/deals/thanks-for-shopping-with-tanga

We truly appreciate your understanding and hope we get a chance to earn your business at Tanga.com again very very soon.

Like I said above, things happen.  The difference between Tanga and many other companies is the way that this situation is being handled.  They value your business and are truly sorry that this happened and have taken all steps to make it right.   To me, this speaks volumes as to the manner in which they do business and it makes me want to work with them.  Because, even when things happen which are outside of their control, they not only do the right thing — they make it one better.

If you placed one of these orders, watch for this email.  You might also watch your junk or other folders in case it drops in there.  I wanted to give you all a heads up so that if you notice a refund or this email, you will have a little warning as to what is up.