Target: Alex Russo Tween Collection

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Recently, I was provided with an ADORABLE new outfit for my daughter to wear.  It was a  part of the Alex Russo Tween collection – D-Signed.   I had seen these breifly in Target – where they are sold.  So, when I was offered an outfit for us to try, I thought it would be great!

We received an Alex Russo Khaki Twill Skirt and an adorable Chiffon Top.  What I liked was that she looked cute – but not too grown up.  My biggest complaint is that when I shop for clothes for my 6 year old, they look more like something a 16 year old would wear.  They just aren’t age appropriate.  I was so appreciative that these were not “too grown up” for her small stature.

Of course, my daughter loves her sweat and t-shirt, but she did say that it was comfortable.  Best of all, it passed the “itch factor” here – which meant she would be able to wear it without complaining after 3 minutes.  That was an added bonus for mom!  It washed up so easy.  I’m picky so I did put an iron to the skirt to press it after it came out of the dryer.  But – that wasn’t required if you hang it up right away.

I took some time and checked out the prices and they are very reasonable.  I expect to pay around $15 – $20 for nice items for my kids and Target has done a great job of meeting that price point.  Not only are they putting together clothes that are stylish (and moms love) will love, they make them affordable.   We’re looking forward to checking out even MORE items when we shop at Target this spring!


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    We bought several pieces of the Demi Lovato colleciton they had. I don’t like this collection as much, but it does have some cute things!