Tax Free Holiday Starts TODAY!

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Today starts Missouri’s Tax Free weekend! This means you can get certain items tax free this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are rules that apply to what you can get and amounts, so be careful what you purchase:

* Clothing — only exempt on items that cost $100.00 or less
* School Supplies — no more than $50.00 worth per purchase
* Computer Software — must be $350.00 or less
* Personal Computers — $3,500.00 or less
* Peripheral Computer Devices — $3,500.00 or less

In addition, some Missouri cities are not participating, which means you will not pay the STATE tax, but you WILL pay the local city taxes. The cities that are not participating are:

North Kansas City
Oak Grove
Platte City

For the entire list of cities that are not taking part, you can go here.

If you do not live in Missouri, you may want check out this list to see if your state is participating in one for you.

I am anxious to hear how much people can save, so if you save a lot of money this weekend with your coupons and tax-savings, please leave me a comment!