Tax Time!

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If you are filing your taxes and NOT itemizing, you can actually start to e-file right now!  (If you are itemizing, you can not until February 14th, due to recent tax law changes that have required the IRS to make programming revisions to it’s software). 

There are several companies that will actually let you e-file your Federal version for FREE!!  If you are requried to do a state filing, you can still e-file, but you will have to pay for that service and will need to check out the cost for each tax service listed, before you start filling out the forms. 

If you filed with one of these online services last year, you might want to go ahead and use the same one again so that your prior year’s tax data can easily be carried forward onto the current years form.  However, it isn’t a problem to use a different service – just make sure you have your 2009 taxes handy before you sit down to start those for 2010.  Here are some sites you might want to consider using:

Turbo Tax:   Federal is free, State will cost $27.95

Complete Tax:  Federal is free, State costs $16.96

Free Tax USA:  Federal is free, State runs $9.95

One Price Taxes:  Get both Federal and State filed for $7.48 (must go through this link to activate the discount).  If you have only State or Federal to file, you will pay just $3.48 through this discount.

HR Block: Federal is free, State is $27.95

Jackson Hewitt:  Federal is free, State will cost $29.95.   If you decide to go in and have someone prepare them for you in the offce, take along this coupon and save $25 off of the cost of tax preparation.


  1. Larissa says

    Lots of these companies also have other discounts through either your bank or you can get money back through Upromise or other programs. Vanguard, which my husbands company uses for their retirement funds, also allows you a large discount on Turbotax when you use a specific link.

  2. Cindy says

    Due to a holiday in Washington D.C., we have a couple of extra days to file. Taxes will not be due until April 18th!!

  3. says

    Also, some states will let you file for free dirctly through the state. Specifically, I know Utah has their Tax Express (state filing program) available for free on the site. I always e-file for free with one of the programs above (usually and just tell it not to file my state taxes. There’s no charge (at least through so both are free. Definitely check your state’s website to see if you can file for free in your state!

  4. Merriett Ferris says

    I’m not sure if they are doing it this year, but last year they have volunteers that sit in the Hearth Room at Matt Ross Community Center, Overland Park and will file your taxes (both federal and state) for FREE!!

    There is no catch with this … I did it last year and it was great! Filed both state and Federal and didn’t have to pay a penny.

    If you want more info, call Matt Ross (913-895-6350) and I’m sure someone could give you the info.