The Best Apps For Saving Money on Groceries

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These are the best apps to save money on your groceries — and so much more!

apps to save money at the grocery store and more

Clipping coupons and shopping sales are the ways most people know how to save money on groceries.  However, many people do not have the time (nor the desire) to use coupons.  Is it still possible to save money in this way?

We’ve shared some simple ways to save money on groceries without clipping coupons, but there is something else you can try as well.  You can just use your phone!

With all of the apps on the market, navigating the app store can be a tad overwhelming.  Which apps are the best to use?  Do they really work?

I’ve done the hard work for you.  Below are some of the top apps to save money at the grocery store (and a few other stores as well)!



1. Key Ring.

apps to save money at the grocery store and more

I love the Key Ring app because it keeps me organized!  This app is how I keep track of all of my store loyalty cards – without having them all in my wallet.

You simply key in the details for each of your store loyalty cards into the app. I even take a photo of mine so that if I have issues, I can see the card as well.  When you shop, you open the app and find the bar code for the card you need.  The cashier can scan and it is activated on your purchase.

Click HERE to download the Key Ring app.


2. Ibotta.

apps to save money at the grocery store and more

The Ibotta app is actually a rebate app.  You review the different rebates available.  There are different actions on each and the more of them you complete, the higher your rebate.  For instance, if you share the coupon on Facebook, you could earn $0.25.  Then, if you watch a video, you may earn an additional $0.75.  Before you shop, find the rebates you want to claim and add them to your account.

Then, head to the store and shop as usual.  There is nothing to scan at checkout. Instead, you scan your receipt after the purchase and you will earn the cash back within a few days.

Click HERE to download Ibotta.


3. Checkout 51.

apps to save money at the grocery store and more

Checkout 51 works in the same fashion as Ibotta.  Just select the offers you want to claim and shop as usual.  Once you’ve made your purchase, you just scan your receipt and you’ll get the money back in your account.

Best of all, if you happen to find similar offers for the same products on Ibotta and Checkout51, you can claim both!  That’s what we call a “double dip” of savings!

Click HERE to download Checkout 51.


4. Walmart Savings Catcher.

apps to save money at the grocery store and more

With many stores eliminating price matching, the Walmart Savings Catcher app is gaining popularity.  If a competitor offers a lower price on an item you’ve purchased, Walmart will refund the difference to your account!  The payment is made via a Walmart gift card.

Click HERE to download the Walmart Savings Catcher app.


5. Grocery Pal.

apps to save money at the grocery store and more

Grocery Pal connects you with the ads for your local area. In addition, you can download coupons directly to your loyalty card, so when it is scanned at checkout, you save instantly.

Click HERE to download the Grocery Pal app.


6. Receipt Hog.

apps to save money at the grocery store and more

This app works in the same way as both Checkout 51 and Ibotta. You make your purchases and scan your receipt.  You are rewarded points for your purchases.  You can then cash in the points to get spins to earn rewards!  This works with may stores including, Walmart, Old Navy, Kroger, Safeway, The Home Depot….and more!

Click HERE to download Receipt Hog.


7. Coupon Sherpa.

apps to save money at the grocery store and more

This one of my personal apps to save money!!  The Coupon Sherpa app is a collection of all of the store and restaurant coupons available.  However, instead of you having to use only a code, these are coupons you can redeem in the store!  No worry about having to sign up for all of those newsletters or worry that you left the coupon at home.

When you are shopping, just open the app and find the store you are currently visiting.  If there are coupons that can be used in the store, you’ll find them!  Just open the coupon and show it at checkout and save instantly.

Click HERE to download the Coupon Sherpa app.


8. Shopkick.

apps to save money at the grocery store and more

The Shopkick app works with you when you shop.  As you get near a store, you earn Kickbucks – just for walking through the door!  You can find coupons that you can even redeem at those stores to save even more.  So, not only do you get to save money when you shop, you also get to earn free rewards!

Click HERE to download the Shopkick app.


9. Target Cartwheel.

apps to save money at the grocery store and more

Another of my favorite apps to save money is Target Cartwheel!!  When you are shopping at Target, use the Cartwheel app and scan the bar code of each item.  If there is an in-store discount available, they will let you know!  Just add the savings offer to your account.  When you get to checkout, the cashier scans the code and you save even more!

Best of all, you can use this app with both manufacturer’s and Target coupons for even greater savings!

Click HERE to download the Target Cartwheel app.



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  1. says

    I didn’t know that there were so many app’s out there that could save you money. I am definitely not a coupon person. Coupon Sherpa and Shop Kick do appeal to me. I will try them out.

    • Tracie says

      It is crazy how many of them there are. I hope you love Coupon Sherpa as much as I do. I it is probably the one app I use most frequently. Can’t wait to hear what you think of them!