The Couponizer: 15% off

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I know that many of you aren’t quite ready for a massive coupon binder for your coupon storage needs.  A smaller, but really good, alternative is The Couponizer.  I’ve actually used this myself and really love the layout.  It includes:

  • Place for coupons to use on your current shopping trip
  • Storage for coupons that are about to expire
  • SEVERAL categories for store coupons
  • Sections for your automotive, retail and even entertainment coupons
  • Sleeve to store your loyalty cards

The retail price on these is $19.95, but use the code STPATTYS and save 15% making it $16.96.  Shipping is $6.95 (no free shipping code currently available).


  1. Stacie says

    That website also sells a combo kit that includes the couponizer and a DVD about how to do couponing. I am still swimming in a sea of non-understanding, anyone out there seen the DVD? Would you recommend it?

  2. Caroline says

    not completely on subject but i’ve got a small accordion (sp?) organizer and I feel like this isn’t the easiest way. I have seen people using binders with the page protectors like you use for baseball cards but can’t find them in any stores. Could you tell me where to find these and if this system works well? I don’t know the best way to do this but it seems like having to pull out and sort through 30 coupons every time I need one isn’t it. Any suggestions? Every time I google, it seems like I just get a bunch of people trying to sell me things instead of honest opinions.

    • Amber says

      I used to have the accordion type, and 3 months ago I switched to the binder/card holder method. I love it! I see all my coupons for each isle. No more “I know I have a coupon for that (item)” searching through your stack not to find it until you get home or when your cleaning out expired coupons. HOWEVER I do find that it’s more time consuming. You have to really cut down the coupons or fold them. But for me it’s totally worth it since I NEVER miss a deal anymore because I couldn’t find the coupon.

      • Amber says

        Also, I couldn’t find the holders either so I ordered them off of Amazon. I got 100 sleeves for around $15. I figure that if I’m going to be doing this for a while some might rip so I just got the big box. Also, the big plain blue binders aren’t very durable. I’m not rough with mine and it’s coming apart. Might wanna check out different binders, next time I’m going to the school section I’m thinking Five Star might make a better one.

    • says

      I just switched a couple of weeks ago from the accordian type to the notebook and let me tell you, IT IS WONDERFUL!
      I picked up the baseball card page protectors from an office supply store and paid with a coupon of course!
      I stuck them in a zipper-style notebook so nothing would spill out, then labeled generic subject pages with the catagories I felt suited me, to seperated the plastic sheets.
      I also have pages labeled for each store I shop at regularly. In those I put my rewards cards, in-store coupons and rain checks so I can just flip to that page when I get to that store.
      I was uncomfortable taking the big bulky thing into the store with me, until I continually had to run out to the car to grab a coupon for an unadvertised, in-store sale!
      After 3 times of that, I now take it in and being able to flip to the page I have labled “dairy” and see which coupons I have, now takes a second instead all the time I wasted, fumbling with my stack of clipped ones.
      It is sooo much faster!

  3. Casey Lester says

    Even though you can’t get the 15% off, it is still cheaper to order this book through Amazon and get the free shipping if you have a Mom or Prime account.

  4. Casey Lester says

    I like my Couponizer because it fits in my purse and I have it with me at all times. I keep my retail coupons, shopping/gift cards, and most-used and “on-the-fly” coupons in it…that way if I’m out and about and find a great deal without being on a “prepared” shopping trip, I most likely have the coupon with me and don’t have to beat myself up about it being at home! I keep all of my multiples and the coupons I have collected for upcoming deals at home in plastic drawered organizers.