The KC Penny Pinchin’ Mama

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Well – that would be me! My name is Tracie. I have been blessed with an amazing husband, Tim, and 3 amazing children…who, as of the date of this post are: Emma – 4 1/2; Garrett – 2 and Charlotte – 6 1/2 months.

Before I was a stay at home mom, I was a Pension Plan Administrator. However, the moment I held our baby girl in my arms, I knew my new calling was to stay at home and be a full-time mommy. It was 4 1/2 years ago that I quit my job and took on the position of CEO – of our family. I’ve never looked back.

In November 2007, my husband and I decided to get completely out of debt. Part of that was to re-evaluate how we were spending our money and to work up a pretty strict and tight budget. As a result, I needed to do what I could to stretch our dollars.

So, I started slowly with a few coupons and saving a few dollars a month. I heard of these people who were spending very little on groceries. That made me want to really dig in and work hard to learn how to do this for our family.

In October 2008, I jumped in with both feet. Since then, I have learned how to get stuff for FREE from various stores. I have actually started to keep track of the savings for our family and as of April 2008, we have saved over $1500!!! That is just in coupons and deals — just like what you will find on this blog.

Once I noticed the number of resources out there and how much time I spent to compile my savings lists, I thought that I might be able to help other families not only in the KC metro area, but also around the country. I don’t mind that others benefit from my hard work. Hearing that people are saving heaps of money and getting great deals makes it ALL worth it!

So, jump in and read. Make sure you always keep lots of paper in your printer! Be sure to also sign up for the e-mail alerts and you too can become a PENNY PINCHER!