ThredUP: Swap Kids Clothes

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It seems that I no sooner buy clothes for my kids that they have outgrown them.  Many times, they don’t even look like they have hardly even been worn!   You can help your wallet when you join thredUp – a kids clothes swap.

So, how does it work?  You simply pick boxes of clothes uploaded by friends that you place in your thredUP inner circle.  You look through the list like you do when you shop anywhere on line….Ebay, Amazon and other sites.  You can quickly sort by size, brand, type of item or even by season!  You can also upload your own items to swap with other parents.

This sounds like a GREAT way to get new clothes for your kids and a WHOLE heck of a lot easier then doing a garage sale or lugging them to a consignment store.  Do you already belong to thredUP?  If so, share your thoughts with us!


  1. amanda green says

    They have actually changed the structure of the site- it’s more consignment than swapping. You send in clothes for cash and can shop through their selection of gently loved clothes as they call it. I have not sent any clothes in to sell BUT I have placed MANY orders of clothes from them and could not be happier!! The clothes are in great condition and I can afford to dress my kids in name brand or boutique clothing for only a fraction of the cost!! And any order $40 or more ships free!

  2. sheri grennille says

    i agree, they just changed their business method in the past six months maybe. i just placed an order with free shipping, a $5 sign up credit and 20% off my first order. we got 8 pieces of clothing, most from justice for $40.