Time Change Weekend: Change Your Clocks, Batteries & Check the Expiration Date

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It’s that time of year again –  time to change your clocks (well – if you live in an area that participates in Daylight Savings Time you will).  Remember that this is fall so you will FALL back 1 hour at 2 am tomorrow (or just do like me and set all of your clocks back an hour before you head off to bed tonight).

When you do that, you also should replace all of the batteries in your smoke detectors — they need to be replaced every 6 months.  PLUS – check the expiration date!!  Did you even know that smoke detectors had those?  They are good for 10 years as after that, the sensors may not work and/or be as sensitive and time is precious in the event of a fire.  Just look at the inside for a date and add 10 years.  If today’s date is more than 10, just spend a few dollars and pick up some new ones.  If you don’t see a date, then it is definitely expired and you should replace it.  While I always advocate a sale and waiting for a deal to come around, this is one item I’d say spend full price if you need to.  Your family’s safety is certainly not worth waiting, just to save a few bucks.


  1. says

    Thanks for this reminder Tracie. I totally forgot and would have shown up to church an hour early tomorrow instead of enjoying an extra hour to sleep/get ready! 🙂

  2. Jill says

    Seriously glad I was checking the deals on your site before church. We were just about to leave for church an hour early! How did we miss this one!