Tiny Prints: 3 Free Cards

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Have you ever purchased anything from Tiny Prints?  They have got some of the CUTEST cards!  What is great is that you can personalize them with names, messages or even photos – or just pick up the generic version of them.

Right now, when you sign up for the free trial membership, you can get 3 cards completely free!  You will need to head on over here and then click on the 3 cards free link.  Browse through the list and find what you want to purchase.  You can personalize it (as I mentioned above) or just order them plain.  What I is great is that you can even have Tiny Prints ship it for you for just the cost of postage — or you can have it mailed to your home address.

Now, when you get your cards added to your cart, you will need to choose from one of two possible membership options  — one is $2.99 and the other is $1.99.  They will ask you for your credit card number – but they will not charge you anything.  At the end of your trial membership (which is one year), you can cancel or go ahead and continue at $5.99 or $16.99.  If you only want the free cards, you can go ahead and place your order and then cancel once the cards have been shipped and you’ll pay nothing — unless you have them ship the cards for you, then you’ll pay just postage.

Now, I’ve helped you with the deal.  As far as trying to decide WHICH cards to get for free — well, you are on your own there!