Today’s GroupOn Deals: Fantasy Football Membership, Talbot Teas & More

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There are some great deals today at GroupOn.  If you aren’t sure what this site is about, read up on my GroupOn 101 page.  Remember that you can purchase a deal from any city in the country, regardless of where you live or where you signed up.  These can be a great way to save on dining out or services if you are planning on heading to another city.

If you are on the fence about purchasing, I’ve got a great reason for you to go ahead and do so.  Right now, 8% of your purchase price will go directly to fight childhood cancer.

Recently, a family in Washington DC lost their infant son to brain cancer.  You can read their entire story here.  So your purchases will actually be one way you can help battle this horrible disease the afflicts so many children and families.  In fact, I have pledged all purchases made for the next 7 days will go directly to this charitable cause.   This is truly a win-win situation!  You get a great deal and they get money to help fight cancer! 

You can sign up here and then check out these deals:

Chicago (More Deals Nearby)– If you’re in DC, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Chicagoland, Milwaukee, or S.E. Wisconsin with Peapod delivery service available, then this is a bargain for you! Peapod is a service that does your grocery shopping for you and delivers it right to your door. New Peapod customers can get 2 $30 grocery vouchers from Peapod for just $30 (50% savings!) today, though delivery fees will cost you extra. Check to see if Peapod delivers to your area here by looking under New Customer, selecting “home”, and entering your zip code.

Dallas (Deal Nearby)– This would be a great gift idea for someone who loves Fantasy Football!, a leading sports forecasting company, is offering a one-month membership for just $25- a discount of 81%!

Washington DC (Another Deal Nearby)– Get $40 worth of brownie gifts from Fairytale Brownies for just $20. The Groupon can be applied toward shipping. (Beginning in September when the weather cools a bit, shipping across the US will be $6.95.)

Austin– Get $20 worth of sweets from madCakes for $10. Shipping is not included.

Los Angeles (Deal Nearby)– This is a neat idea if you have pictures you want to preserve digitally. For $75, will send you a pre-paid box that holds about 2,000. You can fill the box with the pictures you want scanned, and follow the instructions to ensure they’re scanned in an order that works for you. You’ll send the box back to, and they’ll scan and convert all your pictures to digital .jpeg files, and send you a DVD of the photos to boot. This service usually cost nearly $200, so today’s Groupon deal offers you a savings of 62%.

Orange County (Side Deal)– Get 2 reusable drying cleaning bags from The Green Garmento for $10.

New York (Another Deal Nearby)– Pick out $25 worth of teas from Talbott Teas for $10. The Groupon can be used toward shipping.

Boston (Deal Nearby)– Get a panoramic wall mural (over 2,000 pictures to pick from!) from LTL Prints for just $35 today, with free shipping included.

North Jersey– Snag $75 worth of wine from Wine Insiders for just $25. The Groupon can be used toward shipping and tax. Bottles begin at $9.99. We’ve ordered two of these Groupons in the past few months when featured in different cities, and have been very happy with their selection and ordering process.

Thanks GroupOn Girl!