Today’s GroupOn Deals: Picaboo, Kansas City Steak & More

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There are some great deals today at GroupOn.  If you aren’t sure what this site is about, read up on my GroupOn 101 page.  Remember that you can purchase a deal from any city in the country, regardless of where you live or where you signed up.  These can be a great way to save on dining out or services if you are planning on heading to another city.   Since I know many of you are holiday shopping, I’ve included more than usual to try to help you save a few bucks!! 

Ventura County– Get $32 of gourmet tea from California Tea House for $15. Shipping is free.

Bakersfield– Snag $35 worth of coffee and tea from Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Company for $15. Shipping is free on orders over $50.

St. Louis (Deal Nearby)– Get $50 worth of steaks and free shipping from Kansas City Steak Company for $25.

Winnipeg– Pick 3 pairs of Tactics Armoured hockey socks for $23. The Groupon says shipping is free, though I’m not certain if that includes shipping to the U.S. If you’re in the U.S., check out the discussion on the Groupon page before you buy.  I’ve left a question about shipping there, so hopefully someone will reply with the answer soon.

Louisville (Deal Nearby)– Pick $125 worth of custom-fit clothes from Indochino for $50. Free 2-week shipping is included.

Ottawa– Pick $60 worth of clothing from for $30. Shipping is free both to the U.S. and Canada, according to the TiaStar website.

New York City (Deal Nearby)– CafePress is offering a 16″x20″ gallery-wrapped photo canvas for $39. Shipping is included.

Fresno– Get a 16″x20″ Canvas on Demand gallery-wrapped photo canvas for just $45. And since the canvas is gallery-wrapped, you won’t need a frame.

Central Jersey– Snag a 8″x8″, 16-page social media photo book from Pixable for $10.  The offers includes shipping.

Wichita and St. Louis– Get a $100 credit to use toward Picaboo photo books, cards, and calendars for just $35. Plus, this Groupon can be used toward shipping! The Groupon expires in one year, and would be great for the upcoming holidays.

San Diego (Deal Nearby)– Pick $20 worth of calendars, notepads, and more from Pulp Factory Calendar for $9. You can apply the Groupon’s value toward shipping.

Colorado Springs– Get $50 worth of photo books from MixBook for $15. Shipping is not included.

Fresno (Deal Nearby)– Get $60 worth of photo books from Blurb for $20. Book prices begin at $12.95. Shipping is not included, though the flat rate shipping fee for 1 to 3 books is just $6.99.

Memphis– Snag $85 worth of wine from for just $40. Bottles begin at $9.99, and shipping is free.  The Groupon is valid for new customers only, and delivery is available in 37 states.  We’ve purchased this Groupon before when it was in another city, and were really happy with the price and quality of the wine!

Pensacola– Get $50 worth of wine from for just $25. Shipping is not included. Groupon not valid in NH, GA, IN, KY, MD, ME, TN, or UT.

Pittsburgh (Deal Nearby)– Pick $25 worth of custom shakes, bars, cookies, cereal, and more from You Bar for $12. Shipping is not included.

Buffalo (Deal Nearby)– Snag $30 worth of popcorn from POPtions for $12. Shipping is not included, though the Groupon includes a flat-rate shipping offer apparently. (The Groupon page doesn’t say what that shipping rate is.)

Atlanta– Get a 3-pound cheesecake from for $15. Shipping is not included, and is a bit pricey (starting at $20!), so make sure you check out the shipping rates before buy the Groupon.

Little Rock (Deal Nearby)– Get a 24 cookie gift box (shipped!) from Insomnia Cookies for just $22.

San Antonio (Deal Nearby)– Get a 3 to 11 letter Name Art from Hal Jaffe Name Art for $60. Shipping is included.

Indianapolis (Deal Nearby)– Get a medium photo bag from Bagette for $19. Shipping is included.

Columbus (Deal Nearby)– Snag $20 worth of chocolate from for $10.  The Groupon can be applied toward shipping.

Cleveland (Deal Nearby)– For $8, get one anti-Lebron James t-shirt from Shipping is included.

Columbia (Deal Nearby)- (Open to residents of SC and NC only) Get a 1-year basic primary AAA membership for $26. Valid for new AAA members only.

Raleigh (Deal Nearby) and Fayetteville– Get a one-year subscription to Our State magazine for $14.  The magazine covers North Carolina travel, history, and culture.

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    Thank you so much for mentioning the Groupon deal! While this deal is closed, there is a code for $5 off on the very popular and luscious mini-cheesecakes right now!