Todays Top Deals:

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If you are stopping by after catching some of my favorite deals on KCTV5 this morning – welcome!! Below you will find my money saving tip as well as 3 favorite deals!!

  • When it comes to saving money, knowing when to shop can really help.  Here are a few tips for you:

    Groceries:   Here in Kansas City, it is best to shop on Friday or Saturday as the majority of their short sales will land on at least one (if not both) of these days.  This saves you a trip to the store and allows you to cash in on all of the best deals.

    TVs:  This is the time of year you can find the best deals.  With the upcoming ProBowl and SuperBowl games, retailers many people consider upgrading their sets.  So this is definitely a good time to buy.

    Computers: The best sales on computer normally coincide with back to school. So, if you can wait to make your purchase until July or August, you will find the best deals around. You should also look for new releases of equipment … such as a new windows version. If a computer has an older version installed, many times they’ll reduce the price to get it off of the store shelves.

    Jewelry: This one is actually more of a when NOT to shop. Avoid any holiday — Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc….as prices really are not reduced during those times of the year.

    Clothing: Anytime 6 – 8 weeks after it first is on the shelves and end of season. When retailers have to hold onto items for too long (usually more than a month), they want to move it out of the store to make room for newer items that they will be receiving. Our family always shops as much as we can off season and the savings are significant.

    Gas: Avoid filling up on the weekends if you can. Prices are usually higher over weekends since people tend to go out of town and go more places. Also – try to fill up early in the morning as prices tend to change between 10:00 a.m. and noon.

  • Log into or create an account at Leapfrog and register your child and their games and you might just qualify for a FREE Tag Junior Book.
  • Mimi’s Cafe:  Buy 1 Breakfast Entree + two beverages and get another Breakfast Entree for free!  This coupon is good through January 27th.
  • Save 40% off of one regularly priced item at Hobby Lobby through January 28th.