Todays Top Deals: Ace Hardware, Aerpostale, Denny’s & Avoiding Marketing Gimmicks

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If you are stopping by after catching some of my favorite deals on KCTV5 this morning – welcome!! Below you will find my top deals, coupons and finds to help you get more for less!! Enjoy!!!

I also shared with you some of the marketing gimmicks stores can use so you end up spending more than you planned.   Here are five to watch for:

  1. Limit offers.  When stores put up limit offers (example of limit 2 per customer) people tend to believe it is something that will sell out so they need to buy them so they do not miss out.
  2. End Caps and Displays.  Stores place these strategically in an attempt to lure people into buying items they do not need.  Many times, when they see it on an end cap, they think it must be a good deal.
  3. Don’t fall for special purchase offers.  If an item is on sale 2/$10, then that means you can purchase only one for $5.  Stores can not force a purchase of 2 in this instance, unless it is specifically stated in their ad that if you buy only one, the price is different.  Walgreen’s ads usually include this additional wording.
  4. Stick to store brands.  Store brands are name brands in store packaging.  These items are the same products and so you can save money without sacrificing quality.
  5. Shop the top and bottom shelves (in most cases).  Most of the time, the most expensive products are placed at eye level and the lesser store brands are below or above.  Make sure to check all of the prices before you buy.