Todays Top Deals: Cereal Deals, Naked Juice, Arby’s & Using Coupons The Right Way

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If you are stopping by after catching some of my favorite deals on KCTV5 this morning – welcome!! Below you will find my top deals, coupons and finds to help you get more for less!! Enjoy!!!

When it comes to redeeming coupons, there are things to keep in mind so that you use them ethically:

  • Use them for the product intended.  (Example – if the coupon says 16 oz, do not try to use it on an 8 oz product).
  • Do not use them past the expiration dates.
  • Do not use coupons to wipe shelves clean (only buy the few you need).
 There is fallout taking place due to incorrect coupon usage:
  • Stores can impose stricter rules which can impede savings and using coupons.  They can establish limits or even refuse to accept certain types of coupons completely.
  • In some circumstances, stores may not be reimbursed if coupons are used on incorrect products or past expiration dates.  That ends up creating losses for stores.