Todays Top Deals: Eucerin, Cutex & AMC + How to Get Facebook Offers Safely

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If you are stopping by after catching some of my favorite deals on KCTV5 this morning – welcome!! Below you will find my top deals, coupons and finds to help you get more for less!! Enjoy!!!

As you may have noticed, these are all Facebook offers.  I have a lot of people who say they miss out because they are not on Facebook.  You can create an account simply for coupons and free offers quite easily!

  • Use a secondary account that is one other than your real name.  Just set up another email (on gmail for example) and then use an alias – -such as your pet’s name.  This way, you can allow all of the apps to run and get the coupons and free offers that come up.  When you set up your account, give as little information as possible.  Do not friend anyone – use it strictly for your offers.
  • Remove the app once you receive the offer.  After you get your coupon or free sample, there is no need for the app to have access to your account.   Just click on Home, Account Settings and apps.  Then, just click the “x” next to the items you wish to delete.
  • Watch for fake pages.  There are a lot of copycat pages and fake apps – so make sure that you are on the real site for the company.  If you are unsure, check their About and review the information.  You can also go to their website and click the link from there to go directly to the correct Facebook page.