Todays Top Deals: Lawry’s Marinade, Free Purex and Great Deals on Photos

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It is hot outside, here are some ways to stay cool, without breaking the budget!

1 – Raise the thermostat.  Just by increasing 1%, you can save as much as 3% on your cooling costs.    Keep the AC at 75 and use supplemental air to keep your house cool.
2 – Keep the sun out.  Do not open your curtains or shades on either your east or west facing windows.  Keeping them closed can keep the sun/heat from filtering into the house, which can raise your cooling costs.
3 – Keep the ceiling fans running.  It takes much less energy to run a ceiling fan than your AC.  Plus, a ceiling fan can keep the air circulating in your house keeping costs down.
4 – If you can’t afford to run your AC, you need to use fans or find a cooling center.  Or, you can even visit the mall, shopping centers or your library to stay cool on these extremely warm days.