Toluna: Another Great Survey Site

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I know how much you all LOVE survey sites that pay you cold hard cash!  I wanted to remind everyone about one that I personally used – Toluna.  I have actually been paid by them several times.  Not in prizes, but in actual checks!  When you complete surveys you earn points that are then redeemed for cash.  The value of the points equates to anywhere from $1 – $5 each time.  I really do love this one as I can try to qualify into several different surveys at a time which in turn increases my earnings.  If you aren’t signed up, but are interested, you can check them out here!


  1. Colin says

    Toluna isn’t so great when you have to wait over TEN weeks for your chosen voucher to be delivered… They can’t blame the post as its an electronic voucher. They told me at around seven weeks that it should be 6-8 weeks, now I am waiting for a response to hear why at ten weeks still nothing… Surveyers beware !!!!