Toys R Us: Free Layaway (No Up Front Fees)

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The holidays are about family and remembering those you love.  For many, that means they want to exchange gifts.  And if you are a kids, you really look forward to those gifts.  This can of course, create some financial strain for mom and dad.  Layaway is usually an option, but with fees, it can sometimes not be worth the additional cost.

Toys R Us is offering free layaway this year!  They realize that families are working harder than ever to put food on the table and they want to get their children something for the holidays.  This might be an option.  Rather than having to pay for it all at once, they can shop now and make some payments on it over a period of time, which can be easier on the wallet.

Make sure you read the fine print on the Toys R Us layaway policy before you shop!  You can find the details here.