Toys R Us: Reader Shopping Trip

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Toys R Us is one place to be today!!  Reader Jennifer went out and ended up getting everything above for around $20!!!   She picked up 3 20 pack, 3 pip-squeaks, 3 super-tip markers and a crayola pack!  How?  She used the new coupon I shared last night — Buy 1 Get 2 Free + Free Pipsqueaks with a $19.99 purchase!

Even if you don’t need these for yourself, what a great thing to do and donate to your child’s teacher or your local school!  Thanks for sharing Jennifer – and well done!!!!

You can read more about today’s Toys R Us deal (which is good today only, November 5).


  1. Nichole says

    What a great deal! I’m planning on going out today too, and was just wondering the specifics. How much was each item? Did Jennifer only do the buy 1 get 2 free deal once? Were there any other coupons?
    This is a great deal and I just don’t want to get in there and mess things up. I’ve been trying to coupon for a while now, and nothing seems to go my way. 🙁 Ha ha. So I was wondering if you could walk me through this?

  2. jennifer says

    Im the Jennifer!
    The manager ran me up. He wasnt sure how it worked so he wanted to see for himself. I did 4 sets of 3.
    It worked for all 4 sets. So in all I got 8 items in the sets free and the free set for spending 19.99
    One of my sets ran up cheaper he didnt know why but wasnt gonna change it! He was really nice!! He doesnt know how many you could do this with but he didnt have to manually put it in. It just scaned.
    No other coupons!!