Triple Paste Offer For Parents of Triplets (Or More)

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If you have (or are having) triplets (or even more), here is a great offer just for you!  Triple Paste® offers a program called Triple Paste® for Triplets.  This program is geared to help parents of multiples by removing a little of the additional financial strains that these families experience.   Here is what you will receive once you sign up:

  • Complimentary Package:  one 16 oz. jar and one 2 oz. tube of our Triple Paste® medicated diaper rash ointment, one 2 oz. tube of our Triple Cream® severe dry skin/eczema moisturizer, an embroidered brushed cotton receiving blanket, and a Triple Paste® comfort bear for each baby.
  • Automatic enrollment into the Savings club, which offers a 30% discount PLUS free shipping on all future Triple Paste® purchases.

In order to sign up, you will have to complete this form and print out a copy.  You will also need to include a copy of each child’s birth certificate (to certify that you truly have multiples and are immediately shredded upon verification). Drop those items in the mail to the address indicated and within 2 – 4 weeks you will receive your package.  You can get more details and sign up here.


  1. Michele says

    HEB has a $4.00 in store coupon on the Triple paste. I think the price advertised for the paste is 7.49 so you get it for only $3 and some change! I stocked up!