Try ABC Mouse For Just $5!

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I know many of you were able to take advantage of the amazing ABC Mouse discount offer we shared last week.  However, it was still a bit out of the budget for others of you.

Lucky for you, I’ve got a great way you can try out ABC Mouse with your kids for just $5!  This gives you 2 months of full access for just $2.50 per month.

One of the things I mentioned was to ensure that you are working with your kid at home.  They should have a jump start on knowing letters, simple math and more.  While you can do this with flash cards and other methods, the one thing you might want to consider adding to your schedule is ABC Mouse.

If you’ve not heard of ABC Mouse, it is an online site which kids can use to learn everything from colors to letters to reading and even math!  The lessons are designed to be fun (kids think they are playing games).

If you don’t think it works, there was a study completed within the parents who’s kids used ABC Mouse.  The results indicated that more than 85% reported a significant, positive impact on their child’s learning.


Hurry on over and sign up to try out ABC Mouse for just $2.50 a month!  If you like it, you can continue for the full annual fee.  If not, you will be able to cancel at the end of your two month trial.  No questions asked.

An investment in your child’s future is something you really can’t put a price on, can you?