Update to Staples Post (Free Shipping Being Canceled)

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A couple of days ago, I posted a great deal on a self-inking stamper which was priced at $0.99 with free shipping.  It turns out that Staples is now changing their tune.  They claim that someone has hacked their site and put this offer up to work in this way.

This means, if you placed an order, you may soon receive an email from Staples regarding the cost of shipping.  They are not cancelling orders, but rather are advising people that they will have to pay shipping charges.  You can opt to cancel your order if you wish, or proceed with it being finalized and processed.

I know it stinks that this is happening and whether they were hacked or not is not even an issue.  Customer Service involves owning your mistakes and not trying to pass the buck along to someone else.  It means you make things right with your customers.  In this situation, I realize it could be extremely costly to Staples to fulfill these orders at this cost.  However, I also feel that there is something they could do in order to help make it right for everyone affected.