Update to Step 2 Play & Shade Toy

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Yesterday, I shared a deal at JCP.com for this Step 2 Play and Shade Patio Set for $15 (less than that with a discount code).  It turns out that JC Penney had a pricing error – and a big one at that!  This is now priced at $90!!!

What this means is that if you ordered it, you should fully expect for your order to be canceled.  Since it was an error on their part, they can not process your order at a rate greater than what you agreed to pay without first contacting you.  If you would like, you can call them before the email comes and just cancel your order if you so desire.

These things to happen from time to time.  Pricing errors are issues far out of anyone’s control.  It frustrates everyone — including me — but there is nothing you can do about it except to just not purchase and move on.


  1. says

    This bums me out BIG TIME!!!! I actually got this for free with a rewards and free shipping code they sent me. 🙁 I thought it was too good to be true.

  2. Sophie says

    Actually, you can do something about it being that it is false advertisement. They don’t have a disclaimer ANYWHERE saying they can cancel an order due to a misprint, etc. People tend to not do anything about it because they don’t know what to do.

  3. Heather P says

    I heard they are determining whether to honor the orders or not and will be contacting people either way today.

  4. says

    O” I already showed the grandkids and they were so excited.I sure hope they honor the orders that were made since it was there mistake.I was so excited to order this… jcpenny’s has always had great customer service. I am sure they will do the right thing.

  5. Vicky Davis says

    I received a confirmation email yesterday saying it would ship in about a week. Nothing yet today, so I am hoping they will honor the order.

  6. Christina says

    My order status says factory ship expected ship date 1/10/2012. Paid $20.19. I have my fingers crossed.

  7. says

    My 1/2/2012 Complete JCP Internet order status says (complete) this is copied and pasted straight from my message,also says will be shipped on the 10th. I would think it would say pending and not complete if it is in review for cancelation….I also recieved nothing to state any cancelation. I still have faith they will do the right thing.Its been my life experience that when we make a mistake we pay for it.This is there mistake.So, I am hoping little kids everywhere spend alot of time outside this summer enjoying there patio set,and I’m chocking this one up to the heads up on the sale from this site,also pure luck:)

  8. Brianne says

    My order still says complete & expected ship date is 1/10/12, so fingers crossed that they are still going to honor this! I ordered one for us & a few for gifts for my neices & nephews. I had originally placed my order online & then realized that if I had spent a little more that I would have had $69 & then would have gotten free shipping, so I called customer service right away & the nice rep that I spoke with said they usually don’t let you use 2 codes on an order, but she said that she would cancel the one that I had placed online, & then she placed the order for me. I then added more items to make my total over $69….My coupon code that I got off of this site wouldn’t work for her when she put it in so she used a different one that made these $12.75 each & she gave me free shipping! So with taxes I only paid $13.45 each! These will be great for my kids & neices & nephews so I really hope I get them (hoping I have better luck at still getting them since an actual JCP rep placed the order for me!) I’ll come back & post later if I get them…I really hope we all get them, it’s so frustrating when orders get cancelled!

  9. says

    I have not recived anything extra about this order from jcp, however I see where they posted to debit my bank account is no longer there. I am going to call the this morning will let you know what I find out….