Update to Walgreens Cottonelle Register Reward Offer

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If you tried to run the Cottonelle Register Reward deal I shared with you, but you did NOT receive your Register Reward – you are not alone.  It seems that the product that is on the shelf has one UPC and the code associated with the Register Reward is a new code — that isn’t even sold anymore.   Nice – huh?!

If you didn’t receive yours, you can always call 1-888-8coupon.  Make sure that you have your receipt handy.  Explain to them the situation and hopefully they take care of you.

Thanks, Mashup Mom!


  1. Smita Arun says

    Worked for me today. The Manager didn’t have a clue about the deal since it is not advertised in our Walgreens Insert so I requested her to run the Transaction and see what happens and she agreed to void the Transaction if the RR doesn’t come out. RR did come out for $3.50.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. Jim Carney says

    Better yet do what we have done, stop shopping at Walgreens. It is so stupid what this chain does to bring people to their stores. I’ve spent way too much time trying to work out the savings, searching the store for the correct item, explaining the sale to the register clerk (who doesn’t care if you get your savings), studying the receipt to make sure the discounts were applied, returning items or having management apply the savings that should have been applied automatically, and then getting back to the store to spend the “Rewards” you earned. I have the feeling that there is a bunch of executives at Walgreens corporate who meet each week to laugh at the sales statistics on how many people that got screwed out of the savings and then plan what they can do (to people) for the next ad.

    Maybe if all the money saving websites would stop promoting Walgreens “savings offers” they (Walgreens) would get the message that making offers to draw people into their stores does not require those people to jump though hoops so that they don’t get the savings they deserve.