Update Your Home Before You List It For Sale

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Update Your Home - Before you list your home for sale, learn the updates and upgrades you need to do


When getting ready to sell a home, it is important that it is ready. While you will never want to over invest to update your home, there are things you should consider doing.

The first thing a seller should always look at is the exterior of the home. Make sure that the roof does not leak. Take time to review the drainage and make sure water runs away from the home. You can have the nicest upgrades in your home, but that will not make a buyer overlook a leaky roof or basement.

You need to also take a look at your furnace and air conditioning units. A buyer will want to know that these are in good working order and will pass an inspection.

If you find your roof or HVAC system is more than 10 – 15 years old, you may want to consider replacing them. Or, at the very least, offer a buyer incentive to allow them to update or replace them after the purchase.

In order to try to make your home truly stand out, you may want to consider a kitchen or bath renovation. These areas of the home provide the best return on your investment. This is very important if your home is older. Since new homes make these the focus of the sale, you will need to do the same in order to compete.

Before you run in and do a complete remodel, make sure you spend wisely. The areas, which offer the biggest return, include all-wood cabinets, stone countertops, commercial-grade appliances and natural wood or stone flooring.

If you are going to update your bathroom, consider maximizing vanity space. You may also want to consider a larger walk-in shower or whirlpool tub.


Not all budgets allow for larger upgrades, however, there are some simple things you can do instead. These will give your home a bit more appeal to potential buyers:

Flowers: You do not need to have flawless landscaping to make a sale. You can use planters and add flowers to bring color to your yard. Rather than pay full price, visit garage sales for planters and spray paint to change the color. Visit with your local nursery to make sure you use the right flowers for the time of year you will sell your home. Something as simple as a planter on your front porch can visually refresh the entire area.

Carpet: If your carpet is in good overall shape, don’t feel compelled to just replace it. Stairs and entryways are most susceptible to wear and tear. With the new trend of contrasting carpets, you could just re-carpet those problem areas, saving you money. Luckily, having contrasting “statement” carpeting on stairs is in style. You can re-carpet problem areas as though you planned it that way all along.

Minimizing: Design trends have been dominated by minimalism lately. Let people see your home’s potential more clearly by removing as much clutter as possible. Take down many of your personal photos to allow buyers a chance to see them living in the home. Take time to check your outdoor areas as well. Simply staining accent areas like railings and planter boxes, as opposed to coating the entire deck, can make a dramatic impact.

If you want to sell your house, you need to make it as beautiful as possible. A few simple changes can be the difference between no offers at all and selling it in a few days.

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