Upgrade to James & The Giant Peach on Blu-ray and Save $10.00

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If you currently own James and the Giant Peach on DVD or VHS, you can save $10.00 when you upgrade to the Blu-ray version, which will be in stores on August 3rd.   To get your coupon, you only need to follow a few simple steps:

1.  Locate your current James and the Giant Peach DVD or VHS movie.

2.  Sign into your Disney Movie Rewards account.  If you do not yet have an account, you can go ahead and create one in order to get this offer.

3.  Input the UPC code from the back of your movie.

4.  Click the offer banner and you will be able to print your coupon for $10.00 off of your movie.

Don’t forget when you get home with your new purchase, to log back into your account and input the code contained inside of the movie to get a quick 125 points credited to your account!