UPromise 10th Anniversary Dream Sweepstakes

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Believe it or not UPromise has been helping families save money for college for ten years now.  Wow – ten years!   Within that time users have been able to help children save more than $600 million towards college.  What I think amazes me the most is that they are saving this money by doing things they do every single day  – like shopping!

When I was younger, saving for college was not one of the financial goals of a lot of parents (or at least for mine).  That means, when college came around, I had to work very hard for scholarships and grants.  I even had to take out a loan to fund my education.  The goal of my husband and is to assist our children with their secondary education, but not fund it completely.   For parents like us, UPromise helps them with this.

Of course, it isn’t just college we dream about.  For my husband and I, we dream that our children can find something for which they have great passion.  Passion drives you and moves you to do amazing things.  We’ve always said we really don’t care what profession our children choose — as long as they get a secondary education and then truly love what they do.

We already think we have a great idea as to what our oldest daughter will do.  She is an amazing artist already at age six (and that isn’t just mom talking).  We want to encourage her to develop that skill (which she truly loves) and perhaps one day, she’ll be a graphic artist.

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, UPromise has a new dream sweepstakes, where they will be giving away $20,000.  One lucky person will win $10,000 and ten (10) more people will win $1,000 each.  To enter, you just need to do the following:

  • Head over to www.upromisetodream.com 
  • Submit your dream (and photo if you would like).
  • Post your submission on your wall for your family and friends to see.

You can read through all of the great submissions that other parents have already posted.  Make sure that you also take a moment to read through the dream wall official rules  before you submit your idea.

I’m sure you’ve all got dreams for your children.  Once you enter, I’d love to know what they are for you as well!

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