Use CouponTrade To Buy and Sell Gift Cards Online — Make Some Extra Money

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Update: I sold an Amazon gift card in less than 4 hours on this site and my money was ready within a couple of days for me!!

When it comes to saving (and even making) money, there are lots of great ways to do just that.  Here is another one which you might want to add to your list of “must visit” sites!

The holidays are coming — whether we are ready for them or not!! One thing that I talk about over and over again (sometimes feel like you might tire of it), is that you need to set and stick to your budget.  Of course, I do realize that can be easier said than done.    So once your budget is set, you might notice a little shortfall in what you need to spend vs. what you want to spend.  There is a way to make a little money — and even clean out some of your clutter!

CouponTrade is a trusted (and I stress that word – trusted) online site where you can sell and purchase gift cards.  When you sell them, you can earn some extra money.  Of course, you can purchase them as well, for less than face value.  If you happen to find that you have giftcards sitting in your drawer and you will never use them, why not put them to work for you?  You just sell your card and get cash sent to you — right in your Paypal account.  How sweet is that?!?!

This process is just so very simple! First, create an account.  Make sure you click on Seller Verification in the drop down menu and link your Paypal or CreditCard to your account (you need to do this to pay the minimal fees they charge for selling your card).    Once that is done, click on Sell Gift cards from the drop down menu at the top of the page.  You will then click the big orange button to start selling.  Fill out the information about your gift card and you are set!

I mentioned above that this is a trusted site.  Here is why.  When you set up a card to be sold you actually will be called by this company to verify that this is your account.  With fraud and theft online today, it is good to see a company truly has your back to make sure that your account was created by you and not by a third party.  I actually listed my OWN Amazon gift card to sell today — I will make sure to let you know how quickly it sells (as I am sure it will not take long)!

As I mentioned, you can buy gift cards online at a discount.  Take a look at that holiday list.  Is anyone asking for a gift card (think teenagers, teachers or that always-returns-everything-I-buy-for-her family member or friend)?  If you already know you will be shopping at your favorite stores on Black Friday, why not purchase gift cards at reduced prices.  Why not check out CouponTrade?  When you combine these hot giftcard deals with your Black Friday bargains you win!!!  Just click the orange BUY NOW button next to the card you want and it is yours!!!

Head over to CouponTrade and take a look around.  You just might find a way to make a little extra spending cash for the holidays!!!

This is a sponsored post paid for by CouponTrade.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced by any parties.