Virus Through – Fact or Fiction?

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So there is a lot of hub-ub going on right now about downloading a virus.  Is this just hype or is it real.  If it is real, why is it happening?   Honestly?  It seems to be hit or miss for some people – however many of the issues came to light after after a coupon was released on Facebook, which linked you directly to   I have been doing research on this trying to find the source of the issue.

While we always hope that the programs and applications we use are infallible, they are not.  They can be hacked and viruses can then be downloaded onto our personal computers.  Does this mean that isn’t safe?  No it doesn’t.  I have had no issues with them and have printed several coupons myself in the past 24 hours.  Does this mean you won’t have an issue?  Unfortunately it doesn’t.  What it does mean is that you need to protect your PC.

You should always have up to date anti-virus protection if you are doing anything on the internet.  Not only that, you should have it set up for automatic updates so that the moment these companies find a new virus and develop a way to battle it, your computer always be up to date.    If you  are looking for something, I can personally recommend AVG.  It is free for basic protection and updates frequently, so you have the most up to date protection for your system.

This shouldn’t be cause for panic.  There is no reason to send out blanket emails or statements that scream – “COUPONS.COM ISN’T SAFE”!  If you have concerns with their site, please take it up with them directly.   Hopefully this answers your questions about this matter and you have the information to do what is best for you.


  1. says

    I had an issue last night on It wasn’t a virus though. It is malware telling me my computer was infected with a virus which I knew was BS. I was not happy when this happened and sent an email telling them of my experience and displeasure. I hope they get this fixed soon.

  2. minerva says

    I had the same msg pop up and knew that is was phishing/scam/virus and just did not click on it at all….that is very important…DO NOT NEVER EVER CLICK ON ANYTHING THAT POPS UP LIKE THAT…The msg said it was from AVG but the address of the msg was another name entirely…I just cold shut down the whole computer..and rebooted..then ran my own AVG scan…the hoax msg did not get thru. The free version of AVG has saved my butt a couple of times. Soooo folks just remember look at any popup very carefully…..I still trust coupons-com…

  3. Gretchan says

    I worked at a Office Supply store for years and constantly had people coming in complaining about viruses/trojans/worms/etc. Most all said I bought virus protection when I purchased the computer, but never updated since. People are creating new viruses everyday. You must continuously update your AntiVirus software to keep abreast of the latest threats. And if you use a paid version such as Norton or McAfee, they only offer subscriptions for one year. Which means you will need to buy new software every year to keep getting the latest updates. Good luck everyone.

  4. says

    lots of virus protectors won’t even catch trojans or adware either. Heads up for anyone that doesn’t have anti-virus protection… can get a free one called Avast online. This has actually caught things on my pc that the expensive ones did not. Many people swear by it and I am one of them.

  5. Karen says

    I had the same pop up earlier today. I automatically exited and shut down the process in my task manager. Hopefully they fix the issue; my boyfriend will not be happy if I mess up another computer!!

    • Tracie says

      Can I ask what coupon you were printing (if through this site)? I am trying to get to the bottom of this issue.

  6. Sarah says

    I had a problem earlier today. I had clicked on a coupon on that I wanted to print. It automatically started running something. I shut my computer down immediately and after starting it back up I ran Norton.

  7. Tina says

    The same thing happened to me last night. It happened right after I printed the Stouffers coupon from I rebooted my computer and then went to print another Stouffers coupon and I couldn’t find it anywhere on until I typed in a random zip code. That’s never happened to me before. I hope they fix this soon!

  8. Stephanie says

    I was on just ten mins and the virus replaced my site with AVG trying to scan my computer and other boxes were coming up with only an ok button. I immediately closed my entire desktop and ran my securities essentials. It didn’t help that I was on my work computer. Shortly after I notified our IT personel. All is fine. Just dont accept or click ok on anything.

  9. Tracy says

    Tracie I wasnt printing just scanning for coupons I would print later so I think it was the site in general

    • cd says

      same here. I don;t think I had even selected any, but I had clicked on foods and then next page was when it started the fake scan.

  10. sheri says

    It happened to me twice. I got tons of virus by simple checking a box. It prompts you to download avg! it has tons of spyware and i think got hyjacked. It was so bad that everytime i clicked it told me that i needed to buy avg.. had to reinstall alot be careful!

  11. Shannon says

    happened to me too yesterday when i was checkmarking a coupon…not sure which. it ‘looked’ like a virus scanner ‘found a virus, but it was phishing. my dh who works in IT has seen it before elsewhere. just never click on it, shut down your whole computer and it should be okay. But now I’m waiting a few days before returning to

  12. Sarah Kohls says

    Yup, got that lovely virus. The first time I had my dad fix the computer after the virus took over the entire computer. 2nd time I hit CtrlAltDelete and ended the process. Took care of it. But my antivirus didn’t detect it.

    Hopefully they can stop it within the next few days. I may have to stay away from for a while.

  13. says

    I don’t think it is particular coupon. I think it is the whole site. I was just on there printing totally different coupons from what I was last night on a different pc and had it happen again. You would think that they would have addressed this problem already. I once again sent another email but found this contact info online and plan on calling them in the morning because I am guessing there is no one in the office at 12:30 am. Incorporated
    400 Logue Avenue
    Mountain View, CA 94043
    Office: (650) 605-4600
    Fax: (650) 605-4700

    I think they owe their customers an apology.

  14. says

    This issue is not related to’s systems. There is a Fake AVG Anti-Virus virus that is redirecting user’s browser windows when they visit certain popular websites. AVG has posted details on its blog at:

    Users who are seeing this redirect should contact their anti-virus software provider or search the Web for “Fake AVG Removal” for removal information.

    We can assure you that is not distributing viruses of any kind.

    The safety of our users and internet security is of utmost importance at