1. Jami says

    You could use 2 of these coupons and receive $6 off, correct? Or am I not reading their policy right?

  2. Robyn says

    You can print and use this coupon at CVS this week and get FREE Men’s Dove deoderant. There is no limit that I know of. It is a manufactures coupon even though it says Walgreens on it. I used them today to purchase 10 sticks. I did however have to pay $1.60 between tax and offset of item. THe deoderant is on sale at CVS for 99cents each, the coupon is for $3 off /2. Happy shopping and stocking up.

    • Kyle Kooi says

      I tried using this same coupon at our local CVS and they told me that I could not use it there since it said Walgreens on it. I was looking forward to getting a great deal on the deodorant too!!! Oh well.

  3. Shantell Wallis says

    i have been trying to get this coupon since you first posted about it the otherday and still cant find it 🙁