Walgreens: Almay Makeup Moneymaker

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One of the deals this week at Walgreens is purchase 1 participating Almay cosmetic and get $5 in Register Rewards.  The best part of all is that this deal is available in the test market – no “in lieu of Register Rewards” mumbo jumbo!  That means there is a money maker for everyone!

Reader Jenifer, actually confirmed this deal herself.  This week, Almay cosmetics are marked down 30% off (in addition to the Register Reward).  First, you’ll want to check out the current coupons available for Almay cosmetics:

  • $2/1 Almay Cosmetic Product 3/6/2011 SS Insert (exp 4/10/2011)
  • $1/1 Almay Cosmetic Product 2/13/2011 SS Insert (exp 3/26/2011)


  • $2/1 Almay Cosmetics Walgreens Coupon in Spring Beauty Book (see Beauty Counter for booklet)

Many items are marked $5.59 and less.  So, when you combine the above coupons plus the Register Reward, you can actually make money this week.  Here’s how:

$ 5.59   Select Almay Cosmetics
–  2.00   $2/1 Almay Cosmetics Walgreens coupon
–  2.00  $2/1 Almay Cosmetic Product 3/6/2011 SS Insert
$ 1.59 out of pocket

When you net the $5 in RR with the $1.59 you paid for your makeup, you end up MAKING $3.41!!!  There are other items that may be priced even lower, making you an even greater money maker.  I’d definitely check it out.   The only caution I have is that not ALL makeup items are included in the promotion, so you may need to inquire so that you don’t purchase something that will not generate RR for you.

Thanks, Jenifer!!!

There are items marked down to


  1. Kelly says

    Is Jennifer in a test market – the reason I ask is I just went to Walgreens Saturday and tried to use coupons in the Walgreens beauty book and my manufactures coupon from the paper and was told I could only use one coupon that NOW the Walgreens coupons are manufacturs coupons – I think I am done with Walgreens!

      • Maria says

        Kelly, in some stores, the coupon in the beauty book does not beep. In other stores it does. What I have done is go to a store where I know the cosmetics girl or some of the cashiers and they generally will price modify the product you are buying and then they will be able to take the MQ as well. I always go where the cashiers are generally friendly and know how things work. If I am at a store where the coupons beep, then I tell them before they ring it up. A lot of them are familiar with which coupons in the beauty book beep and know how to fix.

        • says

          Did this deal several times today for my daughter. Didn’t combine a manufacturer’s coupon, but despite that the checker was confused as once the Wags Beauty coupon rang up as a manufacturer’s coupon and the other times as a Wags coupon. Seems like vintage Walgreens to me!

  2. michele says

    I am in the test market and I can’t find anything to go there for anymore. When they get $3 RR we get points that equal a dollar in our account

  3. Ronda says

    Yes! This deal works! I did it a few times today.
    The coupon in the Spring Make Up Guide doesn’t always work, but since it’s their coupon they all put it through without a problem.

  4. Jenifer H says

    Yes I do live in a test market area (Kansas City) and my Walgreens scanned all my coupons and I had no problems at all.

    • Maria says

      Jennifer, I too am in KC, and I have found that in some stores, the coupon in the Spring Make Up Guide beeps. But most of the stores have been good about price modifying if needed.

  5. Megan says

    I’ve done this deal 4 times now, at 3 different Walgreens. At the first one, the coupon beeped, but the cashier price modified it for me. This cashier also let me keep my beauty book coupon. At the second Walgreens, the coupon didn’t beep, but the cashier insisted on keeping my coupons, as they don’t have numbers on them for them to key in (like in the infant care book). At Walgreens #3, the coupon beeped, and the cashier AND MANAGER explained to me that I couldn’t use the beauty book coupon because that would make it so I got free makeup and made money on the deal. I just looked at her because I thought saying “well duh, why do you think I’m buying it” was inappropriate. Ultimately I chose to just buy it anyway, as I’m not one to pass up free makeup. The best part is, that the cashier took my beauty book from me, and gave me a pretty sour look when I asked for it back. Needless to say, I won’t be going to that Walgreens anymore because I always have problems. So just be prepared for a wide range of situations when doing this deal!

    • Tracie says

      Well, we all know that the manager and cashier were wrong….but you did a great job keeping your cool and just going with the flow. So, pat yourself on the back.

    • Kelly says

      So Megan where were the first two Walgreens – maybe I can try the deal there if they are not too far. Kelly in KC North.

  6. Cori says

    I used 2 of these coupons at 2 different Walgreens today. One let me use both the clipped coupon and the Spring beauty book coupon- with the $5.00 rewards for my next trip that was terrific. The next Walgreens said that I could only use one and proceeded to turn over the Spring Coupon and pointed out that they now say Manufactures coupon on the back. Needless to say I still purchased the product with the $2 off and received another $5.00 rewards printout for next time.

  7. Sarah says

    I went to two Walgreen’s stores today and was denied this deal at both. I am in the test market and these stores were in the Liberty area. At the first store, the register beeped and she tried to force it through but it would not work. I kept my coupons and tried at a second location. As soon as I walked up to the register and the cashier saw my coupons she said, “You can’t use both of those coupons on this.” I asked her why and she stated that the coupons in the beauty book are considered manufacturer’s coupons and, therefore, you can’t use two manufacturer’s coupons on one item. I took my coupons and left and looked at it while in the care. The back of the beauty book coupon does state “Manufacturer coupon good only at Walgreen’s.” I was bummed I wasted my time and gas on two stores and didn’t get the deal. This solidifies my decision to give my business to CVS and hopefully Walgreen’s will realize they are losing business and revise their policies.

    • Ashley R says

      I’m glad to know that this deal doesn’t work in Liberty so I wont waste my time thanks for the info!

    • Ashley H says

      Sarah~ I am right there with you! Walgreens almost never has what I came for or their prices don’t match the ad, etc. NOT TO MENTION RUDE CASHIERS!!! I like CVS much better!

  8. Ashley R says

    I got a response from one of my many emails to WAGS today here is there response…….
    March 22, 2011
    Dear Ms. Reynolds,
    Thank you for your feedback about Walgreens Rewards. As we are testing many aspects of this program, comments like yours are very important to us. We will take your valuable feedback and suggestions back to the team to discuss how we can make the best program for our customers and our company.
    Again, thank you for taking time to bring your comment to our attention. We hope you’ll give us another chance to serve you.

    Consumer Response Representative

    Baby steps at least I got a response after 6 weeks of emails!

  9. Kelly says

    So – has anyone found out clearly is the beauty book a manufactures coupon or a Walgreens coupon? I want to go try this deal at my regular Walgreens at N. Oak and Barry but if I am going to get the same response I am not going to waist my time. It was the Liberty store I first went to and was told that about them being manufactures coupons now – so the questions is have they changed?

    I still so wish we had a Rite Aid – there deals sound sooo awsome!

    • Laura says

      I am in the test market and also work in the pharmacy at walgreens so i got an additional 25 % discount today for being an employee … My manager taught me this deal today – Almay makeup was already 30% off (55% with my discount) and in the coupon saver book up in the front of the store there is a Walgreen $2.00 off coupon for Almay. She told me to buy one almay product at a time using the Walgreen $2.00 off coupon. Each time I got a $5 register reward! I was so excited because I never coupon. I ended up leaving work tonight purchasing $97 in drugstore makeup but only paying $25.02 total for it With my Register rewards. I also used those $5 register rewards to by other makeup on sale and blistex lip balm (.99), smart water (liter $1.01), and some other makeup brands on sell this week like Loreal and Mabeyline and a Hallmark card. Overall i got Almay blush, mascara, cover up, and eyeshadow which all gave me $20 worth of register rewards to buy more makeup I needed. Today I was lucky the store discount was 25% instead of the usual 15%. tomorrow is the last day in out district of this amazing deal because usually you have to buy $20 worth of a brand to get a $5 reward! So if you live in these districts were you get $5 coupon for 1 product head out to Walgreen and do some Saturday beauty shopping! The Beauty counter ladies are great helping with coupons so don’t hesitate to ask for assistance! I work in Pharmacy so I rarely get to go through my store and find amazing deals ! Good Luck shopping!