Walgreens: Butterfinger Snackerz only $0.09 Each

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Here’s a way to pick up some Butterfinger Snackerz for next to nothing!  First, head over to coupons.com and print out B1G1 Free coupon.  It says available at Kroger’s -but it is not a coupon that is only redeemable there.  Then, run your deal like this:

$1.38  2 Butterfinger Snackerz
– 0.69    B1G1 free coupon (hand this one over first)
– 0.60   In-Ad coupon (says they are $0.39 — but that means you will save $0.30 off of each one)

If you live in a test market, the $0.60 will be deducted first, so your scenario will look like this:

$1.38  2 Butterfinger Snackerz
– 0.60 Clipless coupon
-0.39   B1G1 Free coupon
$0.39/2 or $0.20 each

I know – it isn’t “fair” that test markets will not get the same deal – but this will be rolled out nationwide soon and everyone will get the same “deals.”

Thanks Couponing for 4!


  1. April says

    The snackers Q is also available on the Butterfinger Facebook page as well for 2 more prints. Yay more almost free candy:)

  2. says

    I am in the test market, and depending on the cashier some will actually ring the coupon up at the regular price- even for sale priced items.
    I’ll cross my fingers that I’m shopping with one of the nice cashiers. 🙂