Walgreens: Buy 1 Photobook Get 2 Free

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Walgreens has apparently yanked this offer prior to the date they advised in their email to me.  Companies can do this without any advanced notice.

If you are wanting to create photobooks for anyone this Christmas, make sure you head over to Walgreens.  Right now, when you purchase one 8.5 x 11 photobook, you can get two for FREE!  Just create your books and then use the coupon code BUY1GET2 at checkout.  Some of these books are available for in-store pick up, so if you have that option at your store you can even avoid costly shipping charges.  This offer is good through December 31, 2011.


  1. shelly says

    Tried this code and got the following:

    Error: The coupon you entered has expired.
    Coupon name: BUY1GET2
    Description: Buy 1 8.5×11 custom cover photo book get 2 additional copies free when you use Coupon Code: BUY1GET2
    Valid from: 12/6/11 to 12/10/11

  2. says

    I tried this code and was very disappointed for several reasons. First off, you said that this coupon was good thru Dec. 31st. On the Walgreens website when I tried to use the code it said it expired on Dec. 10th. Next, you used the words “create your books” implying that you are able to create more than one book, leaving me thinking that since the code was for 3 books, I could make 3 seperate books. When I entered the code it also says buy 1 get 2 additional COPIES for free. You also only said 8.5 x 11 photobooks, with no details. You did not mention that these have to be CUSTOM COVER photobooks. Needless to say, after I have spent nearly 2 days creating, arranging, and rearranging 3 different photobooks thinking what an awesome deal this is going to be and what great Christmas presents they will be, I am HIGHLY disappointed. Now, of course after the time spent and as much as I love the photobooks, I am going to have to pay FULL price for 3 photobooks! BOO!!!

    • Tracie says

      Walgreens apparently pulled the offer prior to the date that they advised me it was good through. Companies do this and it is out of my control.

  3. Eileen Ramos says

    The same thing happened to me this morning. I finally finished my photo book and wanted to place my order today. I was about to checkout and found out the the coupon had expired on the 10th. I am really bummed about it and now I’m not too sure I can afford 3 FULL PRICED photo books as Christmas presents. What to do?? =(