Walgreens: Free Tylenol Precise Starting May 1st

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Here’s a great coupon that you will want to print and redeem later this week at Walgreens.  Here are the details:

Tylenol Precise, B1G1 50% off $7.99
Use $5/1 Tylenol Precise
Use $3/1 Tylenol Precise Walgreens IVC coupon (valid starting May 1st)
Final Price: 2/FREE + $4.01 money maker

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  1. Mallory says

    I am a little confused about this sale. What & when advertisement makes the Precise on sale? Do I have to hit the store on Sunday so the coupon from May is valid and the product is still on sale? What are the days I can get this deal? Thank you SOOOO MUCH. I check you website more than Facebook.

    • Tracie says

      The deal is going on right now, but the Walgreens store coupon is not valid until startig on May 1st.

      • Jennifer says

        I went today (5/3) and there was not a B1G1 sale. Where did you see it at? They said if I can find it in print somewhere they will honor it.

  2. Niki Hays says

    Can you make money at Walgreens? My Walgreens would just reduce the coupon amount to give you a balance of $0.

  3. Patricia Gillock says

    Question when you say 4.01 money maker how does that work. Isn’t their policy that the coupon cannot exceed the price of the item. Confused!

  4. Bonnie says

    I had the same question as Partrica, also what is the Walgreens IVC coupon? is that in the booklet or is it something that prints from the register?

    • Michelle says

      yes, this is the monthly booklet found with the ads at the front of the store.

  5. kathy says

    Won’t work out this good for me. My Walgreens will only let you use one Walgreens coupon. Even though I would be purchasing two tylenol products, I wouldn’t be able to use two Walgreens tylenol coupons.

    • Michelle says

      When they scan the coupon booklet, it should automatically deduct $6.00 since you are buying 2 items. At least this is what has happened in the past for me.

  6. Rebecca says

    Also wondering, is this sale advertised in store? I forgot to look wheni was there yesterday, but i don’t see it in their ad for next week or the week after.

  7. martha says

    I went to the Belton Walgreens today (5/1/11) and they weren’t on sale for buy one, get one 50%. I had the clerk ring it up since it wasn’t marked and it didn’t work for me even with my rewards card. Has anyone had any luck in the KC area finding these on sale?

    • Jennifer says

      I also went to get this and there was not a B1G1 sale, it did end up being free but no money maker. Has anyone actually gotten this to wirk???

  8. Brandy says

    I work at Walgreens and I haven’t seen that these are on sale at all this month…. it’s still a nice free item with the coupons, but no money maker.