Walgreens New Rewards Card: More Information

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I stopped into Walgreens today so that I could get my Rewards Card and to see if I could learn a little more about this new program (since Kansas City is a test market).   If you want more information, you can check out my first post about the new Walgreens Rewards Card Test Pilot Program.

First of all, getting my card was simple.  I could apply on line and then print out a form to take with me to get the card in the store or have it mailed to me.  I’d recommend printing the form and taking it with you.  I printed the form for my husband’s card and requested mine be mailed to me.  It has been about a week and mine has not yet arrived in the mail (it said it could take up to two weeks to get here).    You can also just fill out the form when you stop into the store the next time.

I know that there are some questions/concerns that some of you have raised.  So, I did my research and following is what I learned.

How many points do you need to accrue to get rewards?

That varies, depending on what it is you would like.  For instance, if you would like a $5.00 Walgreens Rewards Certificate, that will cost 2000 points.  If you wish to purchase gift cards, they start at 3000 points.  There are some housewares and other merchandise that are around the 2000 point mark as well.

If I accrue 10 points for every dollar spent, why would I want to spend $200 before I had enough points for a reward?

Actually, you can earn points r quickly.  If you purchase select items in the weekly ad, you can earn double, triple and even more with your purchase.   You can also earn 100 points every time you fill a prescription.

In addition, there will be special point offers attached to your card — which is more reason to use it when you shop.  You will get emails letting you know of these special deals (that won’t require a coupon).  So, you can build up your points pretty easily and redeem them for rewards of your choosing.

I have heard that Register Rewards are going away?  Is this true?

Walgreens is looking at eventually phasing out Register Rewards.  Part of the reason is the hassles with using coupons and getting RR to print and having to keep track of them. Instead, you will earn various rewards that are attached to your card and will NOT require you to keep track of.  They’ll be used when you shop.

But I like Register Rewards?  Why are they changing the program?

If you have ever shopped there, it can be a hassle to remember to take along your in-ad coupon, clip the monthly coupon AND  take along your manufacturer’s coupon.  Then, you have to remember to always hand over the WAGS in ad coupons last or the system will beep.  That is what is driving this….they want to make it more convenient for the consumer to save money without having to remember to do so much.  The in-ad coupon deals will be attached to your card, so when you shop, you only need to hand over your manufacturer’s coupons to get the full discount.

When will this be nationwide?

Right now it is a pilot program.  They are making sure it works for consumers before they release it nationwide.  The full program kicks into gear on May 31st in the test markets of  Kansas City, MO; Portland, OR & Richmond, VA.

What else can you tell us?

It is important to take the time to fill out your profile in your account.  Walgreens wants to tailor the deals that they send to you.  For instance, if you don’t have young children at home, you probably are not interested in the latest diaper deals.  So, by taking the information from your profile, they know you wouldn’t be interested and not send you those deals.

The program gets into full swing on May 31st.  So, be sure to start to watch  your emails for exciting offers and deals that you can get only by using your card.  Keep in mind that this is a new program and we are guinea pigs (so to speak), so feedback is greatly appreciated — as is your patience as we all learn more about this program.


  1. says

    Wow, I had no idea they were phasing out RR’s. This is starting to sound really similar to CVS’s program, and anything that’s easier to do the deals at Walgreens is welcomed by me! 😉 Thanks for the update!

    • Tracie says

      That is the ultilmate goal — to make it easier for the customers. I hope it works as they intend for it to.

  2. ashley goodrich says

    Do you know if the dollar amount you spend to earn the rewards will be before manufacturers coupons? I asked a cashier the other day and got a blank stare and “Ah, I dunno”. He wasn’t the sharpest young man to say the least.

    • Tracie says

      In most cases like this, it is after your coupons have been deducted. I made my first purchase today with my new card, so I will be watching my account to see how many points are credited.

  3. Deal Apprentice says

    If you sign up for the rewards program and give your email id you will receive a $5 of $20 coupon in email expiring June 30th. I used one yesterday and it was great with the Schick Deal.

  4. Angela says

    Hi Tracie-

    On your site the other day there was a coupon for a free Sephora item at JCPenney. Now, I can’t find it!! I thought it was under “free stuff”. Do you remember it? Thanks!

  5. Ashley B says

    I live in Warrensburg, MO and our Walgreens is doing the rewards card as well. I’m really excited about this new program. Especially if we have a chance of getting other rewards like gifts cards and other items.