Walgreens New Rewards Card Starting Nationwide in September

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I know many of recall the Walgreens Rewards Card when Kansas City, Portland and Richmond were in the test market.  As I figured would happen, the Rewards Card is going to be rolled out Nationwide.

Starting on September 2nd, you will be able to sign up on-line for the card.  If you would rather wait for the national launch and do this in the store, you can do so on September 16th.  Keep in mind that if you previously had a card, you will need to sign up again as the system is a little different than where it left off in January.

Here are some general points to know regarding this new program:

  •  Making healthy choices, such as getting an immunization or participating in Walk with Walgreens (walk.walgreens.com).
  • A lenient, customer-friendly expiration policy – points will not expire as long as members remain active by shopping at Walgreens at least once every six months and redeem their points within three years.
  • Members may earn and redeem points for both in store and online purchases.
  • Exclusive benefits for AARP members.

So, the big question many of you are asking is the reward you can earn with your points.  The earning structure is basically 10 points for every $1 you spend.  Here is a breakdown of the rewards you can earn:

One thing that is very important to note is that you can not redeem your points and earn them on the same product.  For example, if you have 5,000 points you wish to redeem to save $5 and you purchase 3 items which each will reward you with 500 points, you can use the 5,000 but will not earn an additional 1,500 at the same time.  There are also restrictions as to what you can redeem your points towards (which is the same with the majority of rewards cards offers).

So, how do you earn the points when redeeming coupons?  The value you earn will be reduced by the coupon used.  For example:

Product A, $5
Bonus Points: 1,000
$2/1 coupon
Price Paid: $3 = 1,030 points rather than 1,050 points

The bigger question so many will have is regarding Register Rewards – are they going to be replaced?   Walgreens will continue to participate in National offers.  At this time, this new reward system will not replace the Register Rewards, however, there is a lot of speculation on this topic.

Those of us in the test market know for a fact that the points replaced every Register Reward during the pilot program.  While the rest of the country received them, we received none.  And, the bigger issue was the value of those points.  For example:

Most of the country might have received a $3 Register Reward
In the test market, we would get 1,500 points – which equated to $1.50

We can all hope that the Register Rewards will not go away and that this program will enhance savings opportunities.  I, however, am not optimistic about both working together.  I really, truly hope I am wrong.

Given all of this information, will it change where you shop?

(Thanks Coupon Dad)

The original card was created to replace these rewards so that people would not have to remember to keep paper copies of items handy.   As many of us who took part in the test market realize, this resulted in it being more difficult to get the same deals as those we have all earned in the past with Register Rewards.

So, will this change your Walgreens shopping habits?


  1. says

    I went to Walgreens just the other day & was told of this change. I would have been more shocked had I not been told through your sight. THANKS! Thanks also for the information!! Will it change my shopping habits? Don’t know just yet. However, I will embrace it & hope all works out well. It seems like nowadays EVERYONE has a card or some kind of points program. Why not Walgreens *hee*

    For the record, I’m a regular at CVS Pharmacy. Not only because of their card program but, they’ve been having AWESOME sales!! Lately, Walgreens haven’t been enticing me as much as in the past.

  2. says

    Since I was in the Kansas City test market, I got a sneak peek at the new card and I wasn’t impressed at all. I don’t do deals at Walgreens anymore because it just isn’t worth my time. I can get better deals with the same amount of time spent figuring out the Walgreens stuff. I love their pharmacy staff and will continue to use that portion of Walgreens, but I think I’m done with the other part of it. Too bad. I used to really enjoy shopping and saving there. 🙁

  3. says

    W/ all of the negative comments I read about it, I’m kind of surprised Walgreens is moving ahead w/ it. The only reason I was in there was to pick up a Rx. I too am a little bummed at them changing their program. I’m fine & dandy w/ the way things are. It sounds like the change will only bring complications & complaints. Guess I’ll see soon enough.

  4. ConLyn says

    I expect to shop less at Walgreens if the points don’t add up the way Register Rewards did. The Register Rewards was the reason I did a weekly shopping trip(or two), and I always picked up other sale items while I was there,. I never just picked up the ‘Free’ items without another item I needed. My shopping area has no CVS, two larger grocery stores, and the local Walmart. I now shop Walgreens and the two grocerie stores, very seldom Walmart. I hope I can continue. this. Time will tell.

  5. Barbara says

    No, it will not chnage my Walgreen’s habits. I haven’t shopped there since the first Walgreens rewards test market days.

    The straw tht broke the camel’s back for me was when I didn’t get the points promised on a Baby Magic lotion purchase. I called customer service and apparently the points were reduced because I’d used a coupon.

    But the coupon I’d used was on a completely different product– one that didn’t have points attache dto the purchase! I explained and still Walgreens customer service refused to credit me with my legitimate points.

    It will be a cold day in Hades before I shop at Walgreen’s again.

  6. says

    This new change does not appeal to me. It doesnt seem like a great way to save, Albertsons has a similar one, I’m not pleased with there’s, but I do still shop there since they still offer double coupons. My past experience with them has not been a positive one. They seem to frown on Couponers! The stalf is not friendly at all. They do not understand coupons at all! I’ve talked to corporate about this but nothing as changed, they did however send me a Gift card to come back and use. So time will tell!

  7. krisib says

    I will not shop at walgreens if they take away the register rewards program. That is the only reason i shop at walgreens anyways! I don’t like CVS because it’s on a card and if walgreens goes to purely using a card I won’t even consider shopping there. What they’re trying to do is make it to where you have to pay out of pocket each times you do a deal instead of rolling rewards and it’s a bunch of crap! If you do one deal and get those points on your card and then go to do deal 2 and then go back to do another of deal 1 how do you know which points are being used? I hate this!!! Not happy walgreens! They’ll definately lose my business!