Walgreens Points System: Maybe They ARE Listening (sort of)?

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The one complaint that I hear over and over about the new Walgreens Rewards system is that the points do not equate in value to those that others in the country receive in Register Rewards.  Basically, for every 400 points you earn, you get $1 in coupon value  — but must accrue 2000 points before you can redeem them for a $5 off coupon. 

Often times, we would see people in other areas of the country receiving $5 in Register Rewards and the value of our points was only $2 or so.  I understand (and agree) that this is very frustrating.  I actually shared my concerns about this previously with all of you and you read about that here.

Given what I had seen in the past, I was quite shocked to notice this weekend that it appears Walgreens is somewhat listening to the concerns raised by it’s customers.  Did you notice photo in this week’s ad:


If you do not live in the Test Market, your deal this week is $2 Register Reward when you purchase Scunci and $3 in Register Rewards when you purchase Tone Body Wash.  If you live in a test market, this week they are making sure you get the same reward.  In fact, they pointed it out to you in the ad.

Of course, the points system still is NOT as good as a Register Reward.  If you receive Register Rewards for Tone Body wash at your store, you know that when you redeem a coupon, you STILL receive the full value of your Register Reward.   However, if you reside  If you receive points, the points you receive is reduced by the value of the coupon, meaning you still will not receive the same value as you would if you could get a RR.  Let me explain this to you through these examples:

  1. Purchase Tone Body Wash without a coupon:  Pay $3.99 and earn 40x points (3.00*40 = 1200).  Since 400 points = $1, you have earned $3.
  2. Purchase Tone Body Wash with a $2/1 coupon:  Pay $1.99 and earn 40x points (1.00*40 = 400).  Since 400 points = $1, you have earned only $1.

So, is Walgreens listening to your concerns?  I think they are trying, but they are still falling short.  If you live in a “regular” shopping region, you are not penalized for using your coupons.  But, using coupons in the Test Market reduces the amount you spend, thus reducing the points you will earn for your purchase. 

Is there anything that you can do?  Of course!  You can still speak up via email or phone.  You can let Walgreens to let them know that they are getting close, but still have a ways to go.  If you do not live in a Test Market, you may want to say something as well as it appears that Walgreens is still on track to release the program nationwide by the end of 2011/beginning of 2012.  That means you will have these same issues coming up at your local store.


  1. greg says

    I hope a bunch of people in the non test market areas see this because I dont think a lot of them realize this is coming. Otherwise we would be reading more about this. I did the math on the Tone as soon as I got the email for this weeks circular and I really realized how test market areas are frankly, just getting screwed out of deals. Oh well, off to CVS I go. . . um, not on Saturdays anymore. . . LOL

  2. Barbara says

    I stopped shopping at Walgreen’s several months ago. I bought two items that were supposed to be 40x points, but when I tracked it I got some very strange point totals, considerably less than what I was expecting.

    I called Walgreen’s and they said it was because I used coupons. Well, I did use coupons, but not on those products!. Walgreens apparently even penalizes you points for using coupons ON COMPLETELY UNRELATED PRODUCTS.

    Yes, I spoke to customer service, and no, they wouldn’t make an exception. That’s why I don’t shop there any more.

  3. Jennifer says

    I am in the test market and have never really shopped at Walgreens because I dont find that the points system is as beneficial as the RR program. I did notice in our weekly ad today that there is a whole page of register reward offers in there with no point values to go along with them. Has anyone in the Test market seen this also and maybe already taken advantage of them? Page 10 is where it is in my print ad.

  4. Julianna Duncan says

    So I think I have seen you say that in the KC area, it is the test market, but I constantly see offers for register rewards in my Walgreens ad. I haven’t shopped at Walgreen’s in a long time, but do you know if it is ALL of KC that is in the test area? And if it is…why is my ad showing differently?

  5. Shannon says

    I am confused..i have been out of touch for a while with Walgreens because i am not a fan of the new point system. When I got the KC Star this weekend i noticed in the ad they had some RR and others with points.. has it always been this way? are the RR printing?

    • Tracie says

      It is a test market Shannon. Some deals will still generate RR and others will put points on your card, which you can redeem later for items such as a coupon for $5 off of a $20 purchase.

  6. Karen says

    I bought something there last week that said it got 3.00 in RR and it did not print. The manager gave me a cash refund instead. I bought the tone body wash and got 780 points, which is not 40x like it states in the ad. The ad said it was a 3.00 value, but 3.00 would be 1200 points. Sounds like false advertising.

  7. Gladyis says

    I also work in district that is one of the pilots. We have had the rewards card going for almost a year now and we are very pleased with it. I have put together a book that I keep at my register (with screen shots) to help anyone with questions. I have purchased (with my rewards points) most all of my kitchen appliances! There are people who still try to compare the register rewards with the “points”. I try to show them that we shouldn’t compare apples to oranges and that there will still be some register rewards, we can concentrate on how well the point system can work for them. I get up early every Sunday morning to buy lots of papers so that I can clip them for my customers to help them save money.
    I try to stock up on items that I know will be in great demand and I make sure that THREE registers are always open.

  8. Kathy says

    Gladys I am trying to understand the 35X or 40X points on a product that a person is receive on a product. Why can’t they just put so many points, like they do on some of the items with points???
    . I want to know how many points I am getting when I purchase a product. I want to know how to calculate it. Since you seem to know alot about the point system.,. please enlighten me how to figure it out Thank you very much. I do appreciate it. I want to know how many points I will be getting before I buy the product.

    • Tracie says

      Kathy – you round it DOWN to the nearest dollar and take that x10

      So, if your total after coupons is $2.99 – you will have spent $2 for points or get 20 points
      If your total is $3.01 after coupons – you will have spend $3 for points or get $3

      If your total after cuopons is $2.99 and it is 15x bonus points, you will take 20 * 15 or get 300 points
      If your total after cupons is $3.01 and it is 15x bonus pionts, you will take 30 * 15 or get 450 points

      Just always take the amount you spend (after coupons and RR since those are actually coupons as well) and round down to the nearest dollar and then multiply that times 10 to learn how many points you will receive. Then, take those points times the bonus points for the offer to figure out how many points you will actually receive.

      Hope this helps!