Walgreens Register Rewards Policy

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I received an e-mail from a reader this weekend about not being able to get a Register Reward on an item that she was using a coupon on (she was trying to purchase the Vaseline Lotion and use the $1.50 coupon). So, I immediately e-mailed Walgreens about this issue and received a telephone call from our store’s manager this evening. Here is what I have been informed:

Register Rewards (RR) are in essence a manufacturer’s coupon. So, if you are getting a RR back for the full purchase price of the product, you are unable to use a coupon as you would be making money from the manufacturer on your product.

He did tell me that he has seen it work where the coupon value and RR value are less than the value of the product, but that it doesn’t always work in this way. For example, if the product price is $5.00 with a $1.00 RR attached, that if you use a $0.50 coupon, you may receive your RR.

I asked him why it has changed recently and he told me that they have been working out the issues with the RR since the program was implemented recently and this was one that has since been changed to be handled in this manner. He explained that since the RR is provided by the manufacturer of that product, that if you use a coupon, they are paying you to use thier product. If the RR was provided by Walgreens, it could possibly be a different situation.

So, it looks like if you see a product that has a RR attached to it, you can no longer use any coupon (possibly even another RR from a prior purchase) to still recieve your RR. Sorry to have to burst your bubble on money makers at Walgreens.

I also have a person to contact about possibly getting a written coupon policy and hopefully I will be able to share it with all of you very soon so that you all will know exactly what can and can not be done at Walgreens in regards to coupons, B1G1 offers and Register Rewards.

Thanks everyone!

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