Walgreens: Update on Coca-cola and Right Guard

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There is some GREAT news on the Coca-cola register reward this week!  There is a deal that if you buy $20 worth of Coca-cola, Planters, or Hershey’s products (certain varieties) then you get a $10 register reward.  In the print ad this week there is a “limit of 3” listed under the Coca-cola, however corporate has sent out emails to their stores and are asking the stores to lift the limit to 6 or 12.  I stopped by my local Walgreens today and I saw the above sign all over the Coca-cola displays!  So you can get the following deal this week without any coupons!

$20.00 (6) Coca-Cola Product 12pk, 3/$10
$20 OOP and receive $10 RR
Final Price: 6/$10 or only $1.67 each!

There has also been reports of wide spread clearance on the Right Guard deodorant and regional clearance on the Right Guard body wash.  If you still have the $3/2 Right Guard Deodorant or Body wash coupons then you can get a pretty nice money maker with the clearance items.  If you missed those, you can still print a $2/2 Right Guard Deodorant or Body wash coupon to get better than free deodorant if your store still has clearance.  When I went shopping this morning, the store I stopped at had two different kinds with about 15 on the shelf PLUS more in back!  So there was plenty of clearance left. 

$4.58 (4) Right Guard Deodorant, $2.29 Clearance Price (B1G1 Free)
– 3.00 $3/2 Right Guard Deodorant or Body Wash (no longer available to print, check your binders)
$1.58 OOP and receive $4 RR,  $2.42 moneymaker!!

If you have two of the $3/2 coupons available you can get a great deal on 2 deodorants and 2 body washes too! 

$2.29 (2) Right Guard Deodorants, $2.29 Clearance Price (B1G1 Free)
4.49 (2) Right Guard Body Wash, $4.49 (B1G1 Free)
– 6.00 (2) $3/2 Right Guard Deodorant or Body Wash (no longer available to print, check your binders)
$0.78 OOP and receive $4 RR, $3.22 moneymaker!!! 

If you can’t find any clearance items at your store you can still get a great price on Deodorant or Body Wash this week.
$8.98 (4) Right Guard Deodorant or Body Wash, $4.49 each (B1G1 Free)
4.00 (2) $2/2 Right Gaurd Deodorant or Body Wash
$4.98 OOP and receive $4 RR, only $0.25 each!!

My store also had A LOT of the Lifesaver jellybeans.  You can find out how to get them free without any manufacturer coupons on this earlier post.




  1. marianne says

    I bought 2 right guard deodarant for 2.29 b1g1 and 2 body wash for 4.49 b1g1 and i only got $1 register rewards =( . I used 2 2/2 right guard printable.