Walgreens Weekly Coupon Matchups: 11/19 – 11/24

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Are you new to Walgreens? You’ll want to read up on Walgreens 101 to learn about Register Rewards and Bonus Points (test market only). You should also review and print the Walgreens Coupon Policy and keep it with you.


Below you will find the best deals that I see this week at Walgreens. One thing you will find within these matchups are the points that are offered for those of you in the test market regions (Kansas City, Portland and Richmond).

Oftentimes you will receive points in lieu of Register Rewards. In order to help you know the value of your points, remember that you earn 10 points for each dollar spent (rounded down to the nearest whole dollar). In addition, it is important to realize that 400 points earned = $1 towards a $5 off coupon, as that reward costs 2,000 points.

These matchups were removed as part of site maintenance.  Click the main menu to find the current week’s deals.


  1. Beth Smith says

    These test market points really stink! They are no where near the value of the RR other areas get. I have become a big CVS fan since the change-over at Walgreens last year. Wish they would bring back the RR’s!

    • Tracie says

      I hear you!! For some reason, walgreens does not think we will notice. They need to just nix the program or launch it nationwide and get it over with!

  2. Kristy K says

    I’m with Beth! I’ve started shopping more at CVS and rarely go to Wags anymore! Can’t wait until 2/1/12 🙂

  3. Michelle Vlach says

    Did this ad come out on Saturday? A lot of these deals are based on coupons that expired yesterday. I am confused….

    • Tracie says

      I had some help this week and she must have overlooked expiration dates on some of the deals. Thanks for letting me know!