Walgreens: Wrapping & Tissue Paper Money Makers

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There are some really nice deals on that holiday wrapping and tissue paper this week at Walgreens.   There is a Jingle Cash Reward on Hallmark cards that is ALSO working on wrapping and tissue paper as well.  Here are the details:

Buy 2 Hallmark products and get $2 in Jingle Cash
Buy 6 Hallmark products and get $5 in Jingle Cash
(Jingle Cash works the same as Register Rewards)

There are a couple of scenarios that you can run right now and get yourself a great deal on your wrapping and tissue paper.

Hallmark Wrapping Paper, B1G1 Free ($1.99 each)
Buy 2, Get $2 in Jingle Cash
Final Price: 2/FREE after Jingle Cash

2 Hallmark Wrapping paper, B1G1 Free ($1.99 each)
4 Hallmark Tissue Paper, 3/$1 with in-ad or clipless coupon
Buy 6, Get $5 in Jingle Cash
Final Price: $1.68 money maker after Jingle Cash

6 Hallmark Tissue Paper, 3/$1.00 with in-ad or clipless coupon
Buy 6, Get $5 in Jingle Cash
Final Price: $3.00 money maker after Jingle Cash

While there is currently a coupon for $0.50/1 Hallmark Wrapping Paper that is redeemable at Walgreens, it specifically states that it is not valid with any other offer – so more than likely your Jingle Cash will NOT generate if you attempt to use this coupon to sweeten this deal any further.

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    • Tracie says

      I can’t get up to the store right now to try it out to find out or I would. It would make for one sweet deal if it worked though!

      • Rachel says

        i did the 2 wrapping papers and 4 tissues at my store and it only gave me $2 in jingle cash..i am wondering if it doesn’t count the free wrapping paper

        • Tracie says

          I found out that it includes the LOOSE tissue paper variety only (I didn’t know that there were 2 of them). People are finding the included tissue paper in the toy department.

    • Melinda says

      No Jingle cash for me 🙁
      I bought two hallmark wrapping paper rolls and no jingle cash was generated, but if I did something wrong and someone can tell me how I could do it differently I’d go back today.

      • Tracie says

        I was just reading that Walgreens has pulled the promotion on the papers – -just not time to update this post yet.

  1. Rachel says

    there was a $5 hallmark card in the womans day ? magazine (i think that is where i got it) anyways i wonder if i could use that on this purchase?

  2. rachel b. says

    tried this deal with hallmark cards — took roughly 20 minutes to find 12 cards — tried two purchases (each had 6 cards in the purchase) and NEITHER spit out ANY register rewards. Called the manager over and he gave me a RR for one but wouldn’t let me have a RR for the 2nd purchase — said that the offer ‘meant to say’ it was valid only once per customer. That is not at all what I read the ad to say but it was very benign and i was thankful that he helped me plus i wanted the cards anyway so i left…a little discruntled at feeling scammed but i did get 12 cards at a decent price in the end.
    just a word of caution to any trying to manipulate the deal….those silly Walgreen associates are SO not customer-focused or friendly.

    • Tracie says

      Some of them are not knowledgeable at all. And actually – he is completely wrong. There is not any way for the computer to know that you are the same customer with 2 transactions or not. I have problems at Walgreens too – so you are certainly not in the minority.

  3. misbre says

    My sis and I did the wrapping paper WITH the coupon AND got the $2 RR each time!!! Multiple transactions and multiple Walgreens 🙂 I’m giving mine to our church for the Christmas baskets they give out to the needy. HTH

    • Tracie says

      Good to know!! I never know with those coupons if they work or not with other offers! Thanks for passing this along.