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I normally don’t go to Walgreens because I don’t have the time to focus on more than one store at a time, but I was alerted to a great deal with Huggies!!

I was able to go and get:

2 Packs Huggies Diapers ($10 each)
1 Pack Huggies Wipes ($6)
Less (3) $5.00 coupons from here (you can print this multiple times)
With tax, I paid around $10.61 and then got $10.00 in register rewards to spend later on.

So, I went back a few hours later and purchased:

1 Pack Huggies Wipes ($6)
1 Garnier Hair Putty ($2.99)
3 Tubes Aquafresh Toothpaste ($2.99 each)
7 Aquafresh Toothbrushes ($1.09 each)
2 Oral-B Toothbrushes ($1.19 each)
2 Bags of M&Ms (2/$6.00)
2 Individual Candy Bars

Here are the coupons I then used:

$5.00 off Huggies
$2.00 off Garnier (Walgreens)
$1.00 off Garnier
$2.00 off Aquafresh (limit 3 – so reduced each to $0.99 each)
$1.00 off Aquafresh Toothbrushes (I had 7 of these)
$1.00 off Oral-B Toothbrushes (I had 2 of these)
$10.00 off Total Purchase

In the end, I shelled out only $0.13 for this second transaction!! That means I purchased ALL of these items and my total I spent out of my pocket was less than $11.00!!!