Walk with Walgreens: Get Offers, Coupons & Get Healthy

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Walgreens just launched a brand new program called Walk with Walgreens.  It is an innitiative to help Americans learn how good it is for you to get up and walk.   The progam encourages people to get up and walk more and rewards participants along the way.

Walk with Walgreens (www.walgreens.com/walk) is an online community and digital platform that enables members to log the steps they take and get rewards, in the form of weekly coupons, redeemable at Walgreens stores nationwide.  Participants can also learn about the health benefits of walking, set walking goals, find local community walks and share content and information with family and friends through the site. 

You can register online at www.walgreens.com/walk and you will receive a virtual starter kit to begin your program.  You can the program.  Registration is also available in the photo department at any Walgreens store or by texting “walk” to 21525.