Walmart Black Friday Deals for November 22nd

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Tomorrow is the Walmart Black Friday Blitz!  There are only a few deals available through the releases, but I’ve got the entire list of deals for you below!  Look through them andfind the items you want.  I recommend you get on line early in the morning if there is something you want!  While the deals are suppose to be live at 8 am EST, there is always a chance that they will be live sooner than that and you’d hate to miss out!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Paul with I Heart the Mart for taking the time to type up this list for us.

Remember – these deals are NOT live until tomorrow!!!

Top Deals From the Walmart Black Friday Blitz


  1.  LeapPad 2 – WAS: $79, NEW PRICE: $39.99
  2. Little Tikes Cozy Coupe – WAS: $49.87, NEW PRICE: $34.99
  3.  Nerf Rebelle Crossbow – WAS: $19.88, NEW PRICE: $11.99
  4.  Monopoly Board Game – WAS: $7.77, NEW PRICE: $5
  5.  Hot Wheels Single Car – WAS: .97 cents, NEW PRICE: $.60 cents
  6. Play-Doh 4 Pack- WAS: $2.96, NEW PRICE: $1.00
  7. Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber- WAS: $39.96, NEW PRICE: $17.49


  1. Scrabble Flash- WAS: $14.86, NEW PRICE: $3
  2. Yahtzee Flash- WAS: $14.86, NEW PRICE: $3
  3. Connect 4 Launchers- WAS: $19.77, NEW PRICE: $5
  4. Wits & Wagers Party- WAS: $27.88, NEW PRICE: $12


  1. LG 50-inch HDTV – WAS: $598, NEW PRICE: $448
  2. Skylanders Starter Packs for Wii, 3DS, PS3, XBOX1, PS4, Xbox – WAS: $74.96, NEW PRICE: $37
  3. Infinity Starter Packs for Wii, 3DS, PS3, XBOX1, PS4, Xbox – WAS: $74.96, NEW PRICE: $37
  4. PS4 and Xbox One  Call of Duty: Ghosts– WAS: $59.96, NEW PRICE: $49
  5. PS4 and Xbox One  NBA 2K14  – WAS: $59.96, NEW PRICE: $49
  6. PS4 and Xbox One   Battlefield 4 – WAS: $59.96, NEW PRICE: $49

There are currently no items in this list.


  1. says

    Wal Marts pre sale was a joke the items they did have was told missing a word not the same item. Not worth the trip plus they said they started selling items at mid midnight. Exact same thing online said order went thru then sent email 3 hrs later said none of items available. Done with Wal Mart even if have to pay moretired of their scams.

  2. Jennifer neff says

    I had the same issue. tried to get the leapfrog on Wednesday night for our daughters birthday. Was told the only match paper ads and not online ads. Was told that the specials above were only cyber deals and I had to go online to get them but if I couldn’t to come back and they would work with me. unavailable online so I went back. got a spiel about how they sold out in the store this am so I was depleting their Black Friday stock. They ended up giving me the 99.00 power pack unit for the same price, just so the manager didn’t have to go pull one off the truck. Was pretty frustrated that I was led to about it being a cyber deal only and then heard that they were on sale in store too. Guess I got the better deal though.