Walmart: Upcoming Sample Events

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In case you didn’t know, Walmart offers sampling events at various stores around the country.  There are  few coming up here soon.  Just click the link for each one and find out if your store is participating.

Rice Krispie Sampling Event – Wednesday August 17th

Walmart Deli Sub and Sambazon Sampling Event -  August 18th – August 21st.

Frito Lay Multi-Pack Sampling Event – August 18 – August 21st.

Betty Crocker Brownie and Oreo Sampling Event - August 18 – August 21st.

Oikos Greek Yogurt Sampling Event – August 18 – August 21st.

Brach’s Favorite Candy Sampling Event – August 18 – August 21st.

Thanks, Little House Living!

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